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Thread: Flu Vaccine

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    Flu Vaccine

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    How many of you support getting the flu vaccine?

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    I know I will get shouted down but one vote here for social as well as personal and family responsibility. Get vaccinated.

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    I have a severe egg allergy so I can't have any vaccines. I just load up on D3 and I never get sick.... I can't even remember the last time I had a cold.

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    Northern Mississippi
    My family and I do not get flu vaccines.

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    My OH and my father have both had the flu vaccine in different years, and both have never been sicker than they were that flu season. Nope, not having it.
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    Depends on your immunity. No one in my immediate family is very susceptible to it. My mom got it last month(she was under extreme stress) and it only lasted for 3 days, with much milder symptoms than the people around town had.

    Not going to get a virus injected into me. Not worth it.

    Funny thing, none of us had birth vaccines either - I wonder if our strong immune systems have anything to do with that.

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    i've never had a flu vaccine, i never plan on getting one

    i've nly had the flu once, and that was years ago. i used to get colds frequently, but since cutting out 95% of my bread intake i've only gotten the sniffles a few times
    yeah you are

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    flu shots are for the weak.

    it's a giant racket. you don't need it.

    i never get a flu shot and i haven't been sick since 1994

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    I already have. I've gotten the flu shot every year since the year that I was too cheap and was almost hospitalized when I got the flu.

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