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Thread: Can I have an hourglass daughter?

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    Can I have an hourglass daughter?

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    Can a woman with an apple-shaped body give birth to a daughter who is pear/hourglass shaped?
    It seems plausible that if pre-conception and post-conception conditions are right, we can change the sex hormone levels in our babies, however, I cannot think of a single, real life example where such a thing happened.

    All my friends who are pear-shaped/hourglass have a mother with the same shape. Does anyone have a counter-example?

    Also, I'm lumping pear and hourglass together because I think both have the essential markers of female health: having a lower WHR (waist-hip ratio) and holding fat on the hips. It's supposedly because she draws from theses reserves (which contain more long chain-fatty acids: Elsevier) when she's preggers. Having wide hips allows a vaginal delivery to go smoother. Holding more weight around the middle (for both sexes) is positively correlated with an increase of 'civilizational' disease and may be tied to estrogen dominance.

    I want my daughter to have the best health I can give her (and I have a few years to work on making that happen). I'm an apple when I gain weight and have narrow hips and my shoulders seem broader than what is appropriate for females. The future father of my children is the opposite of me: he does not hold as much weight on his belly as most men and he seems to always carry a tiny layer of fat on in the butt/thighs, though he looks balanced and very masculine. I don't know what the natural, healthy male pattern is, but I think that possibly the average woman and average man are estrogen-dominant with all the environmental toxins we're exposed to. It is excess estrogen that leads to a pattern of belly fat deposition, right?
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    I'm an hourglass. My sister's a pear. Our mom was an apple. But Dad's family was full of pear women and there were some hourglasses on Mom's side. I don't know how much what my mom ate at the time had to do with it.

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    Hi, I'm a pear, my sisters are apple and my mum a rea thyroid type...long skinny legs and arms with her weight around her tummy. Maternal side grandmother pear and paternal side apple..... I'm convinced you cant change your bone structure BUT can have an impact on your fat dostribution based on your nutrition but very early on in your when youre a preadolescent and kid

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    I carried all my weight in my bottom half (hips, thighs, butt, flattish stomach). Went on and off birth control and got diagnosed with PCOS , whack hormones, thyroid and now i have a lot of weight in my stomach and all over! But my mom carries her weight in her lower had and never had any hormone issues. Her sisters( my aunts) all had hormone issues. I gained a lot of weight during that time even while exercising and eating right. So I think and *know* that hormones can F you up and ruin any shape you had and it is a bitch to get back in order. I think it is all a crap shoot.
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    If it makes you feel better I'm a guy with wide hips.
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    my twin sister and I have totally different body shapes, my two daughters do too. One is athletic, broad shouldered, big hamstrings. The other has a future hourglass like me.

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    Is this hypothetical, or do you have a daughter?

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    I think it coms down to genetics and although Apple shaped may not be the healthiest that is only at excess weight. But each body type has very attractive aspects.

    All my husband's sisters seemed to have their fathers shape and metabolism.

    My dad just visited me and I realised that my shape is a lot like his (except for the boobs they are from my maternal grandmother). Wheras my sister, mother, cousin and auntie all put on weight a particular way.

    The people in my husband's family who have weight problems, the mother is the in law, now no one in her family is obese and neither is anyone on my husband's side, yet she and her daughter are quite obese. The child is 11. She has two other sons, one has lost weight by rejecting the family diet and the other has put on lots of weight (probably due to unemployment more than anything).

    I do not think body shape can be changed by epigenetics, but nutrition can give children the best start. I personally think, it is the food philosophy of the mother is more important.
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    Also remember that body shape can change drastically with age in women (ie menopause). My mother was a classic pear shape when she was younger and I definitely take after her. However after the menopause she has slowly changed to an apple shape - I remember being quite shocked when I saw her after a long time and noticed this change. I have observed that the same is true for many of her friends.

    I think by making sure you are as healthy as possible preconception and then during pregnancy and breastfeeding will certainly help, but genetics plays a role too.

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