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Thread: World Wide Epidemic of Scabies

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    World Wide Epidemic of Scabies

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    This thread is a public service... I know this is OFF TOPIC, but here it is anyway. If you know anyone suffering from Scabies, I have an EASY & NATURAL CURE that stops all itching within 1 week, and cures the condition completely if continued for 6 weeks.

    I contracted Scabies last year from a sweater I bought at the flea market. Within a few weeks I was itching like CRAZY, and had welts all around my body similar to mosquito bites. To make a very long story short, here is just a quick summary. People can get scabies from a hand shake, from a lover, even from trying on NEW clothing at the store.

    What are Mites?
    Mites are microscopic little creatues that cannot be seen by the naked eye. We live with mites every day, they are everywhere - on our eyebrows, crawling on our skin, millions of them are around our houses and in our beds. Normal mites feed on our dead skin cells, and are NOT a problem.

    What are Scabies?
    Just as tiny and looks the same, but prefers to feed on blood. They burrow under the skin laying several eggs each day, and create INTENSE itching. Every day 3 to 4 mites hatch out and dig themselves a new burrow causing even more welts & itching.

    Medical Community is hopeless
    They prescribe drugs that are toxic and no longer effective as the Scabies have grown resistant. Doctors won't spend any time on this, and it has grown into an epidemic. People have been suffering this epidemic for YEARS, lost their jobs, their spouses, lost their homes, tossed out all of their furniture, and WORSE. Scabies is the human form of Dog Mange. People in desperation have even gone to veterinarians for treatment !

    My natural cure could not be easier or more simple. Just mix 3 parts of FOOD GRADE Diatomacious Earth with 7 parts of Grapeseed Oil, and apply to afflicted areas 2 times a day.

    Please keep this thread in mind if you hear of anyone suffering from Scabies.

    Best to all,

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    So let's see, what's the latest list of things you say diatom earth cures? Scabies, hair loss, smelly feet, constipation... what else?

    I find most of your posts helpful but the endless drum-beating for us to eat or apply this stuff to our bodies always makes me raise an eyebrow!

    P.S.: I don't mean to completely get on your case about it, it just seems so strange to me to see this come up over and over again as a cureall solution. I mean although supposedly it's "generally regarded as safe" for ingestion despite how sharp it is, it just seems strange to me considering it's dangerous for your skin/lungs (thankfully you suggest mixing it with oil here)...
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    It was my search for a cure to Scabies where I first discovered D-E. It worked to end my Scabies nightmare, and I'm sure it will work for others who are suffering from Scabies. You are correct, it is a powder that should not be inhaled. If reasonable precautions are followed, it normally won't get airborne. It has a tendency to fall like salt when handled with some caution.

    You may have misunderstood my application for Scabies. It is to be used EXTERNALLY in a mix of Grapeseed Oil, and applied externally to the skin. I applied it with a common household spray container. There is absolutely no risk when using D-E externally.

    But you are correct, D-E has many uses around the home, garden and farm. I have no interests in selling or promoting Grapeseed Oil nor D-E. I am just happy to know about it, and share what I have learned with others. I also share whatever I have learned about the Primal Blueprint with others, as you have seen.

    Best to all,

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    Considering its anti-invertebrate properties I can see how it would work externally for scabies (either the D-E itself, or the oil). I guess what really makes me wonder is the idea of eating it, which was raised elsewhere -- so I guess I'm off-topic, sorry!

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    You could well be correct. I'm not certain if the Grapeseed Oil smothered the little monsters to death or if the D-E killed them. At the time I was sooo DESPERATE for a cure, that I didn't want to waste a single day to find out. They were driving me crazy with itching, especially at night. I couldn't get much sleep, and was totally MISERABLE. At the time I was on a Scabies Message Board, and several other people were also so desperate they didn't want to try Grapeseed Oil by itself. There is also a good possibility that ANY oil may have worked as well, such as Olive Oil or Almond Oil. But I had a dozen bottles of Grapeseed Oil in the house, so that is what I used. So there is room for improvement for the next person to try this out.

    The little monsters breath through a tiny hole under their exoskeleton, and it just so happens that Grapeseed Oil is absorbed into the skin. So yes, there is a definite possibility that their breathing tubes got plugged up with oil. I'll never know for sure.

    Best to all,

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    Here are my in depth notes that I made right after being cured of Scabies:

    Part 1 Improved Procedures
    These treatments cured me in about 2 weeks. Complete details in this thread. IMO, they should work equally well for ALL forms of mites, bedbugs, and even bird lice. Put an end to needless washing & cleaning, expensive drugs & trips to the doctors. Get your life back to normal and end the horror story for you and your family.
    1) Before you start:
    Do you have Morgellons or Scabies Mites? Symptoms can look very similar.
    If you have Morgellons, treatments for Scabies will not help.
    See Step 15 for fast easy tests to determine if Morgellons or Scabies Mites.
    2) What Kind of DE should be used?
    * Any Food Grade 100% Diatomaceous Earth is required.
    * Do NOT breath the dust & use a N95 or N99 surgical mask if required.
    * Do not use Pool Grade DE
    * Do not use DE that is light brown in color with Bentonite [clay].
    The following examples are the correct DE to buy:
    Diatomaceous Earth, Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, Buy Diatomaceous Earth Flea Control. Diatomaceous Earth Organic Garden Pest Control. Human Use. Get rid of Bed Bugs>
    Diatomaceous Earth - Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Health Benefits
    Health benefit claims of people who eat Diatomaceous Earth
    I have Asthma, so if these procedures posed a dust problem, I would know it right away. These procedures greatly minimize potential dust problems.
    3) Mixing DE with the Grapeseed Oil
    Face Candy: Reap the Benefits of Grape Seed Oil
    25% DE mixed into 75% Grapeseed Oil worked for me and I was cured within 2 weeks. Mix into spay bottles or into squeeze bottles to make applications easy. Apply to entire body in morning and before going to bed. Also again on any itchies during the day as required. Leave it on the skin until your normal shower. ( I showered 4x weekly ) I added DE to a spray bottle using a funnel, and just eyeballed roughly 1/4 of the mix to be DE. After the mix has settled overnight, it still looks like about 1/4 is DE. Add DE or oil as required to maintain your desired mix ratio. Keep the treatments up for 1 or 2 more months after itching ends to prevent reinfection.
    NOTE: 25% Mix is not cast in stone. I was not able to test any other mixes because I was cured with 25%. If you are severely infected you may need a mix of 50% . . . Please keep me informed

    4) Bedroom
    * DO NOT allow animals into your bedroom
    * Enclose mattress, box springs, pillows into zippered bags.
    * Place Bed supports, furniture legs into pie pans or cookie pans with 1/4 inch thick layer of DE.
    * Move all furniture & bed away from wall to prevent mite access
    * Sprinkle DE liberally over the box spring & on mattress.
    * LIGHTLY sprinkle DE into sheets each morning using a salt shaker
    [Alternative is to Wash bedding every day] We used DE in the bedding and washed bedding once a week, worked well.
    * Sprinkle DE into shoes + slippers.
    * Don't allow mites any shortcuts to bypass your pie pans with DE.
    Regardless of where the mites are in your bedroom, they WILL search for their blood meal, and will be forced to crawl through DE in those pie pans and DIE!
    Do NOT sprinkle DE all over your house. It presents a dust health hazard. We focus the DE to where it will do the most good: Piepans under the furniture legs or thick stripes where we know they will be crawling. The mites WILL find us, we don't need to find them. If they don't eat they WILL die sooner or later ( Scabies Mites will die within 1 week without their blood meal). When searching for us, just make sure they crawl through a thick layer of DE in a pie pan.
    6) Remaining furniture
    Spray mix of 25% DE, 75% Windex once a week.
    * Furniture upholstery, car upholstery, chairs, bathrobe and any other places where you sit.
    * Windex kills on contact, the thin film of DE kills 'em later
    * Piepans or cookie tins with a thick layer of DE under all furniture legs.

    7) Environment
    We need not worry about walls, cieling, or carpeting. Mites get hungry and will search for us. We don't have to search for them. If they can't find us, then they die of starvation. If they discover where we sleep or sit, then DE in the piepans will kill them as they try to crawl to the furniture legs.
    8) Computer
    Spray keyboard, screen with Windex [NO DE Mix] weekly. You can also use Lysol or Cedarcide.
    9) House cleaning normal as you usually do.
    Let DE do all the hard work for you. It is not necessary to wear
    yourself out with Manic & Excessive cleaning, a waste of time & energy.
    10) I showered 4 times per week, normal and nothing special except-
    * Use low sulfur soap [2%], Sulfer8 Brand Shampoo.
    * IMPORTANT! Rub Sulfer8 Brand Medicated Cream over breakout areas after every shower. This is similar to Vaseline in texture . I consider this to be essential to this cure.
    * All Sulfur8 products are low sulfur 2%
    * More sulfur is not better, and can cause Dermatitis.
    11) Laundry: Your normal laundry schedule except:
    Use Arm & Hammer detergent, 20 mule team Borax, and bleach for whites, peroxide for darks in HOT water. Dry HOT.
    * your normal laundry routines for clothing & bedsheets.
    * No more wasted time with excessive manic laundry days
    * No throwing away clothing
    * dirty laundry in your usual laundry baskets.
    * Some might prefer washing bedding everyday. IMO, a thin sprinkling of DE in the bedding allows you to do your normal bedding wash schedule. I used the DE in my bedding with excellent results and there was not any dust hazards. I would have known since I have Asthma.

    12) Change clothes every day,
    I take clean clothes from the bottom of the pile. Remember that Scabies die within a week without their blood meal, this allows about 30 days before I wear something again.
    13) We need your help
    I was cured so quickly and unexpectedly that I had no time to experiment with any other ideas. PLEASE NOTE: the mix % of DE to oil is not cast in stone, a 50% mix may work better for some who are heavily infested for a long time. Mixing enough DE into Grapeseed oil to make a cream might be called for in extreme cases. There is plenty of room for improvements in the mix ratios. Keep us informed on what works best for you.
    14) Grapeseed oil + DE Mix notes
    * absorbed into the skin, leaves skin silky smooth & healthy. Eliminates dryness caused by DE
    * leaves a film of DE over skin surface
    * leaves DE into and around Scabies molting burrows.
    * Kills all surface mites. Dramatic results were seen within 2 weeks,
    15) Test for Morgellons - from Step 1
    If you have any of these symptoms, then you could have Morgellons.
    * fibers coming out of skin, under the skin Use this microscope:
    Microscope video, review
    * unusual bumps under your skin
    * Obvious tunnels under the skin, much larger that scabies burrows
    * If any parts of your condition light up under a black light bulb
    * Other symptoms here:
    Collembella, All that you wanted to know! - Topix
    If you have any of the above symptoms, there is MUCH more help here:
    This isn't scabies folks its Morgellons - Topix
    Also join this Morgellons message board:

    I quit taking the tub soaks, could not see any worthwhile results, and IMO were also toxic and harsh to skin and might cause Dermatitis.
    I quit on stinkin things like Neem Oil, Cedarcide. Some claim they like the smell. We didn't.
    I apply Grapeseed Oil to my feet every morning. It has cured my cracked, scaling, fugly feet and even cleared up my fugly toenails! My wife rubs grapeseed oil into her skin after every shower, makes her skin silky smooth & helps remove wrinkles. This may explain why she never caught Scabbies. We also use it in salads and for cooking. We order it by the dozen here: $5 discount code=RIZ038 here: - Vitamins, Supplements & Natural Health Products
    It forces the critters crawl through a KILLER at every turn. They can't get to or from our bed without crawling through DE. They can't get to you under the sheets without crawling through DE. They can't get to you on your couch or chair without crawling through DE. If, by some miracle they get to your skin, they are hit again with the film of DE left from the Grapeseed oil. They are hit once again by DE coming out of their nesting burrow, or from their molting pouch.
    I suspect that Grapeseed Oil smothers them to death. That is for someone else to research. This might explain why my wife never got Scabies... she covers herself in grapeseed oil after her showers.
    IMO, it is possible that DE could be redundant and not even needed. I have no way of testing new ideas since I'm no longer infected.

    Best of luck to all,
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    Additional Notes + References

    Scabies Reference Data - Topix

    DON'T GUESS ! ! ! These symptoms could be lice, Morgellons, Fleas, Bird Mites. Bedbugs, Scabies or several other conditions
    Following tools are required:
    1) Black Light 2) Lint Roller 3) Microscope
    Very simple diagnosis:
    How To Tell the Difference Between Bird Mites, Scabies and Early Morgellons Disease
    A) It is Morgellons if:
    ** You see fibers coming out of skin
    ** if burrows can only be seen under black light
    ** if inside ears, nose, anus, mouth, vagina

    B) It is scabies if:
    ** Burrows can be seen under the skin in normal light

    C) It is surface mites of some kind
    ** If not A) or B) above
    ** Also possible bedbugs or other.
    ** Use a lint roller & THIS microscope to identify
    Veho VMS-004 Deluxe USB Microscope :: Tech Lobby

    D) More diagnosis details here

    UVA Applications

    * Test for scabies with black light:
    "Topical tetracycline solution is an alternative to the burrow ink test. After the tetracycline solution is applied, a ultraviolet light bulb is used to examine the burrow. Being a colorless solution, this method is preferred because large areas of skin can be covered."
    Buy Aureomycin,Order Cheap Aureomycin (Tetracycline),Aureomycin Online Without Prescriptions - 80% Off !!!
    * Test for Morgellons Video
    Pictures by ivanhole - Photobucket


    Caused by untreated Lyme Disease which weakens the immune system, resulting in Morgellons and then Springtails, per proven documentation at
    Living with Morgellons Disease - Morgellons Research Foundation
    "This condition report a range of symptoms including
    * crawling, biting and stinging sensations;
    * granules, threads or black specks on/beneath the skin;
    * skin lesions (e.g., rashes or sores)
    * Also such as fatigue,
    * mental confusion, short term memory loss,
    * joint pain, and changes in vision."
    Morgellons Disease Pictures and Story | TimeSocket
    See this first,"What Is It"
    Home - Morgellons Research Foundation
    Morgellons Exposed - Jan Smith Home Page
    YouTube - !!! Scientific study Links MORGELLONS Disease to GM crops, food !!! 'Fibers' contain plant GENES !
    Morgellons Remedies
    YouTube - Morgellons Final
    YouTube - Do YOU Have Morgellons Disease?
    YouTube - ~ MORGELLONS IN THE KIDS!!! ~
    YouTube - Elbow sprouts of Morgellons
    YouTube - ~ MORGELLONS ~ Get a closer look...
    YouTube - ~ MORGELLONS ~ Abnormal Nails
    Diatomaceous Earth - Diatomite - Newest Media Used in Growing Orchids, African Violets, Roses - See our Testimonials!!! -
    YouTube - birdmitesandscabies's Channel
    * Blacklight Test for Morgellons Video
    Pictures by ivanhole - Photobucket
    Red wine, purple grape juice or peroxide swish
    in mouth releases a LOT of Morgellons Toxins here:
    Sign Up for Chemtrail Truth - Chemtrail Truth
    Sugar feeds this condition
    Garlic, tea, YesToCarrots cream helps
    Nutrisilver? Colloidal Silver | Morgellons | MRSA | General Health | Healthy Home Remedy
    Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for Mites, Parasites & Morgellons
    See page 834 here:
    Meg280,"Diatomacious Earth is extremely effective on Morg!"

    **Morgellons/Springtails from Mr Common Sense
    Collembola (Springtails) Morgellons – A Mundane Approach
    All Articles Morgellons – A Mundane Approach
    Does this identification mean anything? I do not know Morgellons – A Mundane Approach

    Extremely unlikely, here is why,"What Is It":
    Bird Mite Infestation
    * Pinprick bites with or without lesions
    * Frequently intense itching of the skin
    * Vague sensation of crawling on the skin
    * Bite marks and lesions that heal very slowly
    * Increase of symptoms in certain areas of the home
    * Increase of symptoms at night and in humid weather
    * Physician suspects scabies but the treatment does not help
    * DO NOT burrow under the Skin
    * DO NOT go into ears, nose, eyes, anus, or vagina

    Bayer's Beta-Cyfluthrin is one of the more effective mite killers
    What to do about a bird-lice infested house
    A House Infested...
    Use a A miticide fumigant
    Lysol Spray kills them: After months and months its NOT scabies!!!!! - Topix
    Mite Video: YouTube - MIghty Mites
    Bird Mite that burrows like Scabbies:
    "Best Yet" Cedarcide spray bottle kills them
    Lysol Disinfectant Spray 12 oz $5.32 kills them in bedding, on furniture


    IS IT COLLEMBOLA [SpringTails] Skin Mites?
    What Is It:
    Troublesome Invisible Biting Mites Central: Collembola Infestations May Have Similar Invisible Characteristics as Mite Infestations
    Morgellons and More Cases of Collembola Infesting Man Morgellons – A Mundane Approach -
    Tiny Bugs Wreak Havoc; Report of Collembola as Human Parasites Supports Recent Research Findings
    one of the fastest creatures on eath, our eyes are too slow to follow them, they are almost BirdMitesTorture,"microscopics and are usually where birdmites are because of the fungus birdmites create on our skin with their bites, Collembulas only eat fungus. That's why is so important to shower and scrub every day, especially using a sulfur based soap."
    Interesting concept.
    If you have springtails then you also must have Morgellons. See links at Morgellons.

    WHAT IS IT "
    * Scabies DO NOT go into ears, nose, eyes, anus, or vagina

    Excellent Reference Information:
    Accurate Scabies Photos clearly show burrows in the skin
    See the BURROWS in EVERY CASE and the PROPER distribution of the lesions.
    More about Picture Of Scabies Burrow
    Scabies. DermNet NZ
    Scabies images. DermNet NZ
    Scabies in Adults: Condition, Treatment and Pictures - Overview | skinsight
    If there are no burrows under the skin, you have something
    else. See photos at this link to pick your affliction.
    Hardin MD : Medical Gallery : Pictures hosted on the Hardin MD site
    Rub Tetrocycline on skin and examine for burrows
    with a black light for easier viewing.
    "Best Yet" Cedarcide spray bottle kills them
    Lysol Disinfectant Spray 12 oz $5.32 kills them in bedding, furniture
    Scabies Manual:


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    If you store food you can put sealed bags of food in a bucket with DE and it will kill the bugs that come to eat your stores. So maybe in your case the oil allows very small particles of DE to stay on your skin and not just slide off.

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    I find most of your posts helpful but the endless drum-beating for us to eat or apply this stuff to our bodies always makes me raise an eyebrow!
    I totally believe this application. I used to run a commercial herb greenhouse and DE was part of our less toxic pest control arsenal. It works to kill slugs and other insects by "slicing and dicing" them, making lots of cuts in their bodies wit it's sharp edges.

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    More notes from my file. Is it Scabies or Morgellons? It can be very difficult to tell the difference. The following links with photos can help.

    Morgellons Disease
    YouTube - KENS 5 on Morgellons
    OSU Center for Health Sciences | Morgellons Disease
    Home - Morgellons Research Foundation
    My Morgellons Story - How I Cured Morgellons
    * Morgellons growing in hot water tanks!
    Morgellons Research, Phase One Microbiology Report
    * Research Reports:
    Research - Morgellons Research Foundation
    * Publications:
    Publications - Morgellons Research Foundation
    Here is the simplified sequence of events based on all my links on Morgellons, and especially confirmed by the above recent links from Morgellons.Org:
    1) This begins with Lyme disease that is left untreated
    2) The immune system is severely compromised from Lyme disease
    3) Thus making it possible for unusual and unnatural pathogens to attack the body, including Morgellons.
    4) Morgellons, if untreated, leads to attacks by COLLEMBOLA [SpringTails] which are attracted to the molding body parts.

    DON'T TREAT THE SYMPTOMS. Treat the original disease [Lyme Disease] and the other symptoms [Morgellons & Springtails] will go away. Those of you with the characteristic colored fibers in and on the skin, get yourselves tested for Lyme disease ASAP and please keep us informed on this thread. Use this microscope to confirm the colored fibers under and on your skin:
    VMS004DELUXE Veho VMS-004 Deluxe 400x USB Powered Microscope with USB Interface
    Note, per the links at Morgellons.Org, colored fibers can be seen growing UNDER the skin even where there are no lesions!
    * Use a Black [Ultraviolet] Light bulb to look at your skin. Morgellons lights up under black light.
    Pictures by ivanhole - Photobucket


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