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Thread: Perfect Flan Recipe, Savory or Sweet

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    Perfect Flan Recipe, Savory or Sweet

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    This recipe creates creamy, perfect flans, with what I consider almost a perfect macronutrient ratio. I have backyard chickens, thus I'm always trying to find creative ways to use their delicious eggs. A blue cheese flan, accompanied with an imaginative citrusy salad, makes a perfect summer meal. A mocha flan is a dessert fit for royalty. The variations are endless, from sweet to savory and everything in between.

    Basic recipe with variations and nutritional information following

    Basic Flan, 3 servings (can easily be doubled)

    Preheat oven to 325 degrees

    On stovetop, heat a saucepan of water to boiling point. This water will be used as a water bath when the flan is baking. I use a large cast iron frying pan, which is just large enough to hold the three ceramic dishes. First, to determine how much water to heat, I put the ceramic dishes in the cast iron frying pan and then add water until it comes just to the middle of the dishes. I then remove the dishes and heat the water on the stovetop. Alternatively, you can use a muffin tin, but you'll need to alter the baking time accordingly and find a large enough baking pan that can contain the muffin tin.

    Whisk in mixing bowl, just until mixed:
    4 whole eggs
    1 to 2 teaspoons vanilla
    1/2 tsp. grated fresh nutmeg
    (optional) 2 packets splenda

    In a small saucepan, heat just to simmering point (don't allow to boil):
    2 T butter
    4 T water
    1 cup heavy cream

    Pour the heated cream mixture slowly into the egg mixture, whisking as you go. If you pour it too quickly, the eggs will curdle. Slowly, and the eggs just heat up mildly.

    Grease 3 ceramic flan dishes with butter.

    Pour the egg/cream mixture from the mixing bowl back into your saucepan (in which you heated the cream, or a clean bowl) through a fine-mesh sieve. This ensures that your flan will be very creamy.

    Evenly divide the egg/cream mixture between the 3 dishes.

    Place the dishes into a baking pan (or use the cast iron frying pan that you heated the water in). Pour the hot water around the dishes until the water reaches half way up the sides of the dishes.

    Place the pan containing the water and the ceramic dishes filled with the flan mixture in the oven. Set the timer for 20 minutes. You want the flans to be just a little wobbly in the center when you take them out. It might take 25 minutes. You do not want the flans to be browned at all, just slightly firm.

    Take the pan out of the oven and allow the flans to cool in the water bath. You can eat the flan slightly warm (my favorite) or allow to cool thoroughly in the fridge. Optionally, you can top with berries.

    Variations (limited only by your imagination)
    Mocha: Substitute liquid espresso for the water, add finely shaved grated dark chocolate to the egg mixture

    Pumpkin: Add 1/2 cup mashed, cooked pumpkin

    Cream cheese: Add 1/2 to 3/4 cup cream cheese to the egg mixture (helps if it's slightly warm, nuke 30 seconds before adding)

    Onion/red pepper: Eliminate the vanilla and sweetener if using, add 1/2 cup sauteed onions and red pepper

    Blue Cheese: Eliminate the vanilla and sweetener, add cream cheese and blue cheese

    Jalapeno: Add chopped, sauteed jalapenos to the cream cheese variation

    Nutritional Information for Basic Recipe (serves 3, this is for one serving)
    Calories: 426
    Fat: 42.9 grams (89%)
    Carbs: 2.7 grams (2%)
    Protein: 9.1 grams (Protein)
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    Thank you! I hope to have some time soon to try this out...along with the 20 other recipes I've copied from this website.

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    Oooh that looks good... It looks kinda like this chocolate mousse recipe that I use with G&Bs 85% chocolate. I'll definitely try this one - Thanks!

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    Mmmmmm, it IS good. Very rich and creamy.

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    Sounds DELISH!!! Can't wait to try it!!
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    I have never done this ,before - respond to a recipe blog. I just got back Montevideo, Uruguay. I was served this delicious savory flan with a white fish. I had to try to imitate it as I enjoyed it so much. My best meal throughout the vacation to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I got to the Internet recipe to search recipe guides and I thought this will do. I used fat free sour cream instead of heavy cream, sautéed onions, green and red peppers, cauliflower and shaved scotch bonnet peppers and added grated Parmesan cheese. Served with pan fried halibut seasoned with lemon pepper. It was delicious with a dry sparkling wine. I am now working out all sorts of recipes sweet and savory to try.
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    Must had pressed something wrong and it posted before I could add my thanks for a great creamy, fluffy recipe even without using the sieve.

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    Ohhh I love flan and creme brule! You can also steep herbs/spices and teas in the cream before making your custard. Can do chocolate/mint that way or an infused orange/cranberry one for the holidays... I think there are as many variations as there are people who love them! Ohhhh green tea and ginger!

    Thank you sooo much for sharing your recipe! I am going to have to make the blue cheese variation--Hubby is crazy nuts for blue cheese, and that just sounds sooooo nummy!
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    i'm definitely jumping on this one this weekend.

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