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Thread: How often do you do zero days?

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    How often do you do zero days?

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    My normal routine is to alternate running (3x/week) & the gym (3x/week), and then hike or bike on Sunday. So unless injured, I work out every day.

    I actually took off yesterday, Christmas Day, no gym, no run, no hike, no bike. OK, so I walked a couple of easy miles with the SO...but it felt pretty good this morning to be fully rested.

    I know "rest" is one of the cornerstones of the PB, though the Definitive Guide only says "sleep".

    How often do you take a day or more *completely* off?

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    I take rest days pretty often. At least two days a week, sometimes a week or more straight! I have a standing job for the most part so I don't have to fight too hard at getting activity in. I usually go to the gym after I clock out and do 15 minutes of compound lifts and/or bodyweight stuff. But days I don't work? I'm pretty lazy if I can be. I need it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knifegill View Post
    I'm pretty lazy if I can be.
    That's what I do as well, .

    I lift 2-3 times per week and walk as much as I can but usually take it pretty easy on rest days.
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    Often. I check in with my muscles and joints before starting, and I may quit within a minute of starting to give myself an extra day or two of recovery.

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    I don't plan any off days, life seems to take care of that on it's own for me.

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    Roughly 7 days a week...
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    My basic routine is no more than 3 days lifting, 1 day with 1 hour intense cardio (boxing or spin). Sometimes I'll drop my lifting back to 2 days.

    I walk to work (only 2 kms / 1 and a bit miles away from home), to the shops and anywhere within reasonable distance, so I get my slow moving from that and swimming.

    If I were you, I'd change that 3 days of running to 2-3 days leisurely walking, and just find a time to give yourself a solid interval training session. It does you a world of good to have the rest, and interval training is the ultimate bang for your buck in conditioning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by magicmerl View Post
    Roughly 7 days a week...
    Ha! Love this! I lift 3 days a week and live life as a stay-at-home mom of a six and three year old the rest of the days.

    I've just now rolled off the sofa to head to the gym. I've been loving this holiday break. For some reason, the kids have let me loaf about - shocking! ;-)

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    I take a lot of days off I guess.... From gym gym workouts. But I walk a lot and kick soccer balls around. Not really a workout but I'm moving.
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    I don't have a set number of rest days. If I wake up int he morning and just cannot get motivated, then I will not go. Some days I figure this to be complete bullshit so I will start a workout. If I'm still not feeling it after 5-10 minutes I pack it in and head home. Usually I rest 1-2 days per week with this method. More often than not just one day though.

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