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View Poll Results: What comes closest to how you'll celebrate

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  • Turkey & fixin's w/my darling family.

    37 75.51%
  • Turkey & fixin's w/my DREADFUL family.

    0 0%
  • Another meat, but still a holiday feast.

    5 10.20%
  • Reservations for two.

    1 2.04%
  • Reservations for a group.

    1 2.04%
  • Pizza or other take-out or delivery.

    1 2.04%
  • Working for the $$ or to let others be w/their families.

    2 4.08%
  • All veggies and a nice tofurkey roast.

    0 0%
  • I don't need no steenkin' turkey. I'm going bar hopping.

    2 4.08%
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Thread: Thanksgiving Poll

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    Thanksgiving Poll

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    So, whatcha all doing for the day?
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    Thanksgiving doesn't exist over here, I have heard that a few American friends get together to celebrate it but most people don't have any idea when it is or what you do with it.

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    Turkey & fixin's with friends.
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    Im working (self employed ) and cooking although it might be a pork roast or Venison as decent turkey is hard to source this time of year ... I do know where to get one but at 70-80 for a good turkey.. im going to be saving that one for Christmas
    All my family is in the US so its just me & hubby.

    Quote Originally Posted by fifer View Post
    Thanksgiving doesn't exist over here, I have heard that a few American friends get together to celebrate it but most people don't have any idea when it is or what you do with it.

    Im Canadian & my mums American So I celebrate both Canadian & American Thanksgiving... Hubbys Scottish but hasent seen fit to complain about celebrating with all the yummy food yet. LOL
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    I am making turduken breast rolls and my family is coming over. I will have most of the traditional fixings that are gluten free as I have a pretty severe sensitivity. I would not say my family is darling but they are not dreadful either.

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    I got invited to my uncle's but he is in Jersey and I don't want to make the 4 hour trek there and 4 hour trek back to NYC. I'm probably staying here. I'm having a second Thanksgiving for sure on Saturday with friends though.
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    We're going out for Chinese food, but I don't see any choice on the poll that can be shoehorned into.

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    Turkey, fixins', and skiing. Family tradition, even if the snow isn't that good yet!

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    I don't know yet! We have a Sierra Club hike (17.5 miles!) planned for the weekend after but nobody has called about it so maybe we will cancel it and go backpacking instead. If I go backpacking, I'll have backpacking food with my honey for Thanksgiving dinner. If I don't go backpacking, I'll make at least part of a turkey and some fixin's for dinner at home, just the two of us.
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