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Thread: Journal of a "Primal Alcoholic"

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    Journal of a "Primal Alcoholic"

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    Yes, I know - an oxymoron right?

    Where to begin. . . early 40's male struggled with at various degrees, levels, periods, etc for several years. I started Primal about 3 years ago, lost a ton of weight and felt much better as any of you could attest. But, other than switching from Beer to Wine I've pretty much maintained daily heavy drinking to my otherwise healthy lifestyle. Ironically, I can rarely bring my self to cheating with "food!?!" I feel guilty about it all of the time. I wake up sometimes in the middle of the night and think this has got to stop! It costs or rather wastes money, effects communication with my wife, ability to remember going to be or what i watched on tv many night, etc. Last June i went to the beach for a week with my wife's family who does not drink and I had 1 glass of wine in 7 days and commented on how I didn't crave it and how much better I felt both physically and mentally. I went on another vacation in August for a week at an all inclusive and drank all day and night with the majority of other folks there.
    Last Sunday night, I fell on the floor trying to go to the bathroom and barely made it - having my wife stand over me and finally really let me know what she thought was impacting to say the least. For my health and relationship, I am quitting. I wont say I wont ever drink - maybe I can moderate at some point - I don't know. We both agreed for me to do a cold turkey 30 days at very least. Day 2 and again, no cravings but I do know if I had it in the house today I would not moderate myself. The thought of going to AA is pretty much not there - no desire, but have not ruled it out. Anyway, wish me success, provide me re-direction, or relate experience. This is obviously an important effort for me in so many ways.

    Day 2

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    As someone impacted by a drinker, I'll be watching this journal with great interest. Good luck to you, and I know you can do it.
    (If you do get to seriously thinking on AA, let me know. I might be able to help oint you in the right direction.I'm in Al- Anon, and have found it surprisingly helpful with my issues.)
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    i read a low carb diet book several years ago and the author related a study that said, basically, that alcoholics who went on a low carb diet had less desire to drink

    i can't find it now on google, it's just a bunch of links with people asking or talking about how much to drink and stay low carb

    but i wanted to toss it out there, and wish you and your wife luck
    yeah you are

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    Slept a little better last night - wasn't able to get to bed until after midnight (Then again, I watched "The Conjuring" right before bed - Great Movie but not really conducive to peace and relaxation!) but didn't wake up all through the night light the prior evening. Actually feeling really good. Did incorporate some fruit (sugar) into my diet yesterday as I normally do not. Started taking multi vitamin & some B-Complex (maybe a waste of money but i consider re-allocated funds formally wasted on booze anyway. . . ). Oddly, yesterday at work all i could think about was a Reuben sandwich (where did that come from!?!). So on the way home i stopped by a local "Whole Joe's" type and had the following for dinner (It was fantastic!):

    Natural Uncured Corned Beef slice thick
    Raw Milk Swiss Cheese
    Bubbies Sauerkraut
    Organic mustard (apple cider based - no funky ingredients at all)
    Red Onions
    (Sans the Rye bread of course - next time might try a "sandwich" on portobela "buns" - I love hamburgers like that!)

    Piled up on my cast iron dish and warmed in the oven for 10 min.

    (Dessert: Honeycrisp apple slices with cashew butter)

    Day 3
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    After the 30days cold turkey, (which I think is a great idea, and I have done similar detoxes myself), if you are still interested in returning to moderate drinking, I very much recommend Drink/Link programs and books. I read and used the "7 Weeks to Moderate Drinking" and found it helpful to examine my drinking patterns. Drink/Link Moderate Drinking Programs
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    Hey - Good Luck. I can safely report that AA works. It took me a long time to realise what I needed to do, and only you can work that out for yourself. If you want to talk / or get more info I'm happy to help you.
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    Good luck.

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    Thanks Elizabeth - that looks really interesting and seems to have gotten some really positive reviews from actual "customers."
    I guess i will just see what i think about it as the weeks go on in regards to moderate intake. Today I like the idea because I hate the idea of feeling so "feared" by something that I have to avoid it completely (reminds me of being a grade school kid and having to walk home from school and take a detour through the woods to come in through my backyard because one of our neighbor's refused to secure the meanest Doberman Pincher in the world!!!) - don't like the idea of something having that much control over me, but like i said, i will wait - my mind might change completely as time goes on. I'll keep an open mind and acknowledge, my initial though has not always been the final one much less the right one. . .

    Also, I chose to do a 30 day cleanse first instead of instant moderation/titration because I read an article from Notre Dame medical center explaining how that could help lower my tolerance

    I actually think I will get that book on herbs & Vitamin help now though.
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    only 5 hrs sleep again last night - wide awake until 2:30 am, but still feel better and have more energy than 9 hrs w/hangover
    No cravings. I guess I am really fortunate in that respect. I remember when I quit Smoking - same thing - just did and didn't miss it at all. When I went Primal, same deal. Funny how a person can be so addictive but have an easy time giving something up (or so it seems thus far?)
    I am kinda craving fruit now though and i've all but avoided it in the past. Having apples for snacks instead of cucumbers this week.
    Day 4

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    Hey- just dropping by to say props to you for taking the initiative to stop drinking. I wish you success.

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