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Thread: Why I love primal, in a nutshell

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    Why I love primal, in a nutshell

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    Being on a student's budget, I've had to be highly selective about what I spend my money on. So I've spent the last three weeks eating essentially the same thing -- only my favorite foods -- day after day:

    Breakfast (I call it "brunch" because I usually have my first meal around noon or later): 100g 100% dark chocolate -- keeps me full for hours

    Lunch: 2 Applegate Farms hot dogs

    Dinner: Big piece of chicken, grilled veggies, and an avocado

    I'm eating the way my friends eat when they want to spoil themselves. And the best part: even though I've been primal for almost two years, I've gotten even leaner ever since starting this routine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PrimalStudent View Post
    I'm eating the way my friends eat when they want to spoil themselves.
    I know the feeling. If I bring olives or eggs to movie night my friends scold me for the "cruel temptations".

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    Sounds kind of like you're starving...
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    With that kind of intake, you will not be able to focus on anything.
    Don't waste some of the best years of your life.

    And by the way:
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    When you say "leaner" are you just loading body fat or lean muscle mass?

    That doesn't sound like a lot of food, like Knifegill alluded to.

    Have you plugged it into a food calculator to see how many calories your getting etc.? Try using

    What are your stats? Eg height, weight, age, sex, activity level?
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    If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least

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    Misabi, thanks for the link!!! It gives me great insight without doing much calculating myself... perfect!!!

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    Hi Primal Student, great to hear that you love the paleo lifestyle!! I also really love it and recently the guys in this forum really helped me to see that I
    a) had developed an unhealthy relationship to food, and b) wasn't eating nearly enough, because I was so caught up on trying to shift that last bit of body weight. I conditioned myself to eat far too few calories by getting in a rut with what I ate, I thought if I deviated off the foods I knew worked for me I would gain loads of weight. what has actually happened by having more variety in my diet and eating a bit more food I've lost the weight easily. I know being a student you need to eat quick and easy stuff as you have lots to pack in to your day: studying/socialising
    /working, but I reckon if you eat less processed stuff the last few pounds will drop off. Maybe try swapping your hotdogs for a tin of tuna with Mayo, or mackrel fillets, or if you prefer to stick with meat try cooking up some bacon and boiling eggs the night before so you can take them with you the next day in a little airtight so you have them to hand when you're hungry, if eggs aren't your thing try half an avocado! I hope this helps and wish you all the very best!! X

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    She was saying how much she loves how and what she's eating and the success it's been giving her... not asking for ideas on how to improve.

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    Kudos! Wish I could be as restrained as you are on the food front.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PrimalStudent View Post
    100g 100% dark chocolate -- keeps me full for hours
    Haha, yeah, 100g of 100% chocolate is really something! I love the stuff too ... but is it primal ? mmmm, well, who cares ?!

    PS: 100g though is a lot ... 100% choc means unsweetened and after 20g, I would give up ... that's me though! Enjoy your WOE!

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