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Thread: Which bread/grain type is "better"?

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    Which bread/grain type is "better"?

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    Hey guys,

    I still live with my parents, and I think they'd get a heart attack if I even mention Primal. (The sat fat, "lack" of fibers and added vitamins to the bread etc. etc.)

    So I can't eat Primally right now, but I'm wondering what type of bread (white, whole grain, whole wheat) is better. I tried to eat just eggs in the morning and salads for lunch, and then my Stepdad insisted that I ate bread with it, because of the "vitamins" (which are added) and the fibers. :/

    So what kind of bread is least damaging? What has the least sugar in it? (If that's even possible with all the added sugar. )

    I'm not sure if Mark has done a post on it (if he did, I have trouble finding it). I did see the post about rice, but that one's pretty old, I think, and we don't eat rice very often. (If we do, there's always some kind of carb or starch with it. CW brainwash, I suppose.)

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    Sourdough fermented breads are the best. If you're one of those really modern wheat phobic types then you get get spelt or emmer breads. Get the ones without or with at least minimum oil.

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    Sourdough is the best, and also tastes the best. Grilled cheese with sourdough bread is amazing.

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    Well, if it has to be a gluten bearing grain, I would say either old strain of wheat (einkorn, spelt) or rye bread, and possibly from sprouted grains. You can always go to the gluten free aisle and get something based on potato / maize / rice starch. As long as it was not bathing in poly-unsaturated fats in its making, especially seed oils, then it would be benign.

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    Mark has mentioned sourdough bread here and here. It's easy enough to make, but a little lengthy if you're not purchasing your own yeast. We have a starter here where I live. It's practically too easy not to make.

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    from commercial breads, sprouted grains varieties are probably better, & pumpernickel. Could you ask for a glass of milk or a boiled potato instead once in a while, and slowly switch to it so your changes are not too shocking to your folks?
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    Start complaining of intestinal upset after you eat bread. Nothing major just the feeling of bloating and gas. Set a precedent and after a while mention you feel less bloated on days without bread then mention you want to try a week without it to see what happens and at the same time increase the veggie content of each meal so Step dad thinks you are still getting enough fibre and vitamins.

    After a week or 3 announce that you feel much better and want to try going gluten free for your health you understand.

    or go with sourdough which is yummy but still.

    then start doing research, print up some studies and show dad the science behind why you may have started feeling sick on bread. then find studies about vegetable oils, meat sat fat etc. slowly educate him as you experiment to see why you got so sick.

    slow and sneaky wins where force is resisted.
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    Ezekial bread is probably a lesser evil. It's sprouted grain.

    If you have to choose between really ordinary breads, by law if the label says 100% Whole Wheat on the front it has to actually be whole wheat flour, not white flour with coloring or white flour with extra fiber and seeds added. Back when I ate bread I would check for that plus read the label on the back for other additives. Then I'd be a little more certain it was actually bread.

    When I was a child I had a lot of allergies and I was only allowed to eat rye crisp/hard tack or bisquick biscuits. I was allergic to yeast, not gluten. I'd say hard tack is probably a decent choice, but unless you're from the mid-west people will probably not have any idea what that is.
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    Oatcakes as well would be worth considering, not sure how easy they are to get outside of Scotland, my partner gets Nairns brand, the ingredients are just fine oatmeal, palm fat and salt. I have one spread with 1/4 inch of good butter and it seems fairly benign to me. A lot of the more artisan types of oatmeal have unnamed "vegetable shortening" as their fat. Traditionslly it was bacon fat that was used but try finding any for sale made with that nowadays! I don't cook bacon otherwise I'd try making some...

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    I'd say you let him make you a sandwich, then toss the bread in the garbage when he isn't looking. Theres plenty of articles out there on the benefits of saturated fats. Maybe you should print a few of them out and tell him to read them to try and break some of that conventional wisdom.

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