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Thread: Sugar addiction

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    Sugar addiction

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    So here I sit, at a Dunkin Donuts, having eaten 4 donuts. I had been eating paleo for a few months with minimal deviation. But now I feel like the guy in the Eastwood movie Hang 'Em High, who, just before he was hanged, delivered a sermonette on temperance that began with, "When you take the devil into your mouth..."

    Seems it all started a couple weeks ago because I was driving, tired, and needed some coffee, so I pull in for some, and, "Well, one doughnut won't hurt me." Except it made me crave the couple dozen I've had since then. Now I go to DD after work, having thought for the last several hours about donuts and coffee...

    I wonder how much I've set back my weight loss efforts.

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    ooh you are much stronger than I am... I've been primal for a week now and already the sugar demon is harassing me. I'm not ready yet to give in. I promised myself to do this and I'm going to fight to the bone before I give in...
    I'm afraid that once I give in for one than I'll be lost again.

    I can't believe there is somebody who doesn't have these cravings every once in a while.

    Maybe it's an idea to find a recipe to make Paleo/Primal approved donuts. You can make does and use raw honey to sooth the sweet craving....

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    Hate to say this, and I'm not on the high carb Peat bandwagon, but you may want to try adding a few potatoes or some white rice every once in a while as it may help with the cravings. It all depends on where you are coming from, of course, but not everybody has to go super low carb, you know, and your body may well be needing a bit of glucose, so make sure it gets it from primal sources.

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    Try xylitol, good prebiotic, low GI (if it matters to you), good for the teeth and helps against some common infections. It tastes like sugar (a little more cooling maybe) and is sweet just the same. If your gut flora is screwed, you will feel some discomfort at the beginning but start slow and add more. best is in raw organic yogurt with some fruits
    You can bake with it as well, no issue here and it is not addictive (I cured my own refined sugar addiction in this way but I had also dropped wheat flour and sick fats which made things worse).

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    A lot of people have a few squares of dark chocolate periodically. It's not a donut (although I drive by duncan donuts daily and they never tempt because they suck - when the pumpkin donuts come in at daylight by my house I will have one)

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    There is no such thing as sugar addiction. Any food that you experience pleasure eating will stimulate the same centers in the brain. The articles often make a leap of judgment labeling anything pleasurable an addiction. Steak, broccoli, if you like them will impact the same stuff as the donuts. So, you can totally be in charge of what you are eating and not feel bad about making an odd nutritional choice once in a while. You've challenge your system to eat something unnatural, now you can give it something easier and more enjoyable to eat.
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    There is more fat in a donut then sugar.

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    FFS its not about pleasure centres. Also Regardless of the fat content of the donut, the OP is very likely not keeping up with BG demands and is having significant trouble getting their catabolic pathways happening enough to produce enough of their own BG. This drives them to eat carbs (the donut), and it don't make a lick of difference if them carbs have fat with them. OP could have just as easily downed a coke.

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    Well, to fix the doughnut habit, you need to change your habits, IE, no more stopping for coffee at places with things like doughnuts. Go home after work and eat a steak. Regardless of the science, you are setting up a bad habit.
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    I admit I have a weakness for doughnuts too, always have. I used to have one a day before primal, now I let myself buy one every two weeks on payday as a treat, but I don't just buy the crappy doughnuts I stop by a small shop that makes gourmet doughnuts. I make it a rare treat, and sometimes I even skip it, so it is every two, or four weeks for one doughnut. I find that by really limiting it to once every couple of weeks is easier for me then cutting it out completely.

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