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Thread: US Army, and it's new color coded system

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    US Army, and it's new color coded system

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    Apparently over the last few years, the Army has adopted a color coded system for its dining facilities. Red, yellow, and green. I have been attempting to go more primal over the last few months, which can be difficult when one works at a pizza delivery place. But I'm also in the National Guard. When we eat at the DIFAC, I try to keep it as primal as I can(MREs out in the field, and the primal thing is just not happening there).

    Anyways, at the DIFAC this weekend. One of the things I got was, I believe, herb baked chicken. But it was tagged as red. Which didn't make any sense to me. On the label, it said "empty calories." How is a piece of chicken empty calories, and something to be avoided?

    Brief rundown on the program

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    Sounds like they're pushing CW food choices.

    From here: US Army Tries to Curb Unhealthy Eating With Color Coded Food

    Red Food Example: Oven-fried bacon, sausage gravy, butter, sugary cereal and egg, sausage and cheese sandwiches. Salisbury steak, BBQ spareribs, grilled pork chops, Yankee pot roast and turkey gravy.

    Green Food Example: Baked tuna and noodles, Brussels sprouts, spinach, turkey meatloaf, peas and carrots.
    So, bacon, butter, grilled pork chops, and pot roast are bad, but tuna and noodles and a lot of rabbit food are good.

    Leave it to the gub'ment. Eat what you know is good and screw the color coding. JMO of course.

    More info on the system:

    ‘Health Matters’ in the Army, too | The Debrief Military Blog
    Military mess halls: Fried, fatty, processed foods and sugary drinks are hurting our armed forces. - Slate Magazine
    Soldiers feasting on healthier food | Article | The United States Army
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    Salads with cottage cheese instead of nasty dressing are always my go-to in the DFAC.

    I don't anticipate ever getting a meal in the DFAC that I consider to be healthy, so I'm not stressing about it too much. As long as they don't take away the real butter, I won't get loud.

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    I work in an Army hospital and eat DFAC food 5 days a week. Back in the day I'd have the premiered food of the day, like lasagna or chicken fried steak, a pile of mashed potatoes and gravy, 3 rolls, a piece of pie, a bag of chips, and a coke. Nowadays, it's a baked potato with sour cream and a spoonful of chili or a big-ass salad. If they have an easily identifiable piece of muscle meat minimally dressed I will have that, like the lemon cod or rotisserie chicken, but I keep a drawer full of sardines for the other 4 days a week I don't like their protein choices.

    I laugh everyday at the color codes. Spaghetti--Green! High Energy! Eat up boys!

    On the other hand, have you caught the new slogan-based campaign of EAT-SLEEP-MOVE complete with life-size posters of how to do each? If they could get the EAT right, then quit running you guys to death and making you get up at 0400, maybe it will work.

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    "Green food items are high performance foods... Finally, red foods are performance inhibiting and should be selected rarely."

    Low calorie, low protein food=high performance
    High calorie, high protein food=poor performance

    I never realised this. Thanks Army!

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    Bacon is high performance.

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    I get going CW for the government, shunning bacon, loving pasta, but isn't baked chicken with herbs pretty universally considered a healthy food?

    It sounds like cost cutting to be honest..... encourage the troops to eat cheap....
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    It was probably just mistagged. According to their own criteria (via your link), baked entrees would be at least an amber. Pretty sure herb baked chicken would be a green, since it would be considered good for weight loss (via the link). If you look at the photos, all are of salads, vegetables, and chicken.
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    In britain we had faces on the colours. apparently we're intelligent enough to use explosives, but can't discern red is bad until an angry face is on show..
    Same cw bullshit as your army i fear. People still ate the unhealthy choices, so they're only wasting paper.

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    Wow we are going to lose more wars if our boys don't eat real meat. But if its the guard I guess you're at home most of the time and there's significant obesity?
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