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Thread: What's your sickness protocol?

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    What's your sickness protocol?

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    School's started, which means I get to watch people getting sick around me. Apparently there's not only a headache-rich cold going around, but also some sort of stomach bug. To me, this means I should eat more ginger and not fast unless I start feeling sick myself.

    What do you personally do when people start falling ill? When you get symptoms yourself?

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    I take NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) and Lysine, wash my hands often, never touch my eyes or nose, and try to eat right, exercise moderately and sleep well. If I do get sick I just try to keep my nutrition right (though usually switching to soups with lots of garlic) and get additional sleep. If a stomach bug, I'll add in probiotics.
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    If I am already ill than I drink nyquil and sleep until the germs are bored and go away.

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    Mega doses of vit c & d and plenty of rest, in addition to good food tends to see any colds or bugs off pretty quickly for me.
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    Vitamin D3 and elderberry syrup are my usual flu season protocol.

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    I hardly ever feel that way, but if I do then first priority is zero sugar. That stuff completely zaps my immune system.

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    Honestly, I don't do anything preventive (preventative?). I wash my hands after going out always, so nothing different during flu season.

    Like phigment, if I get sick, I just go to bed 'til it's gone. My bottle might have a higher proof than Nyquil.
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    On the rare occasion that I feel a bit ill, my body shuts down and I sleep. When I wake up, I may be a bit weak but generally I'm fine after that.

    No drugs, no herbs, nothing. Sleep.

    And, I do little to prevent getting sick. I subscribe to the George Carlin way of thinking about germs (well, I was doing this before I heard George talk about it) and I don't get sick.

    Maybe the sniffles once a year, full blown illness, well, I think the last time was about 3 years ago.

    I travel a lot, I live and work in "developing countries", I eat and drink what I want and I have no problems.

    I spent almost 20 years in EMS and have been exposed to everything from all the various Heps to HIV to active TB. I seem to have an immunity system that could kill small animals by itself.

    I don't take any medications for anything including vaccinations.

    I'm a strong believer in the hygiene hypothesis.

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    And despite all of this, I've managed to live to the age of 58 despite the attempted interferences by CW.

    Go figure.
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    I usually take tons of vitamin C and eat some good bacteria when I am about to get sick.

    Once I am sick I try not to take DayQuil or NyQuil as they reduce the very symptoms that are the body's ways to get rid of the bacteria/virus (ex: fever to aid immune system in denaturing foreign bacterial/virus proteins, mucus to rid the body of bad stuff, etc). I usually just take a sleeping pill and drink tons of fluids. I get well in 3 days from the nastiest flu on this protocol.
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    Take lots of vitamin D (10,000 IUs per day), and you won't get sick even if everyone else is. If you're already sick, take some zinc too but not too much. Zinc overdoses are not fun. (It's not a big deal--you'll just feel nauseated for a couple hours but not fun.) 30-50 mg of zinc per day should be enough.

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