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Thread: Need some advice/encouragement/direction...weight is going up!

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    Need some advice/encouragement/direction...weight is going up!

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    I need some help optimizing. So here's my story, basically...I've been eating "mostly" primal for the several years. That is to say I haven't outright banned things like brown rice, Ezekiel bread, potatoes, though I don't overdo them, but other than that I eat only real food (cook it myself), avoid processed starches, sugars, anything in a box, and vegetable oils. (Blah blah blah.) Summary: I'm mostly in that "maintenance" part of the carb. curve. This has allowed me to keep my weight in check but I haven't been able to achieve real thinness.

    Every winter I put on a few pounds due to less activity (and more comfort food) and every summer I lose them, so I usually oscillate between 210 and 220 lbs. Currently 218 up from 215 earlier this month. I'm Male, 6' 1" in height so I should be down around 195lbs according to BMI charts. I'd estimate I'm 25% BF based on the various calculators and photo guides. I'd like to be down around 15% BF which would mean I need to drop 20lbs of fat and get down to 195 to 200. So I have that "dreaded" last 15 or 20 to go.

    So this spring I decided to try and get serious about dealing with this. I've been following the Primal Blueprint Fitness guide and doing the weekly sprints and so on. (And enjoying those, but the first two sessions left me wrecked!) I downloaded the app so I could start logging exactly what I'm eating and track it, and keep my carbs under 50gms...but so far since the start of June I seem to have gained 3 lbs. I suspect the exercise is making me eat more. I've experimented with the leangains IF eating window but again that seems not to have spurred any loss or if anything I've gained on it.

    It's not like I want to give up but I'm wondering what I should be doing I need to eat more lean protein and less fat? I have a very high fat diet. Maybe it's too much? According to the BMR calcs I am not wildly off the mark but maybe my metabolism is really slow. Is bodyweight exercise not enough and I need to hit the barbells heavily?

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    Calories still matter, fat can add up. Fat is as easy to overeat as carbs sometimes.

    And I think some people, myself included don't see mich calorie burn/metabolism boost from exercise. I love it, but yeah, I can't eat more food because I do it.
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    Have you read The Primal Blueprint. Do. That's the place to start.
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    Maybe try less fat and slightly more carbs? Lower fat and more (good) carbs works better for me personally. I would start with tweaking your macros, since you are logging them should be easy to play around with them. Also, like Magnolia said, eating more after exercising can ruin it. Another thing I have noticed about exercise is I retain a lot more water. I'll feel bulkier, but when I take a few days off from exercising that weight comes off immediately.

    On another note, I hope your screen name is just tongue-n-cheek. You certainly are neither stupid nor fat. You could still be a hobbit, I suppose...

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    Your body evolved to increase in appetite when you burn more calories. It's a survival adaptation, so that increasing activity won't mean wasting away.

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    Try cycling your carbs, fat/protein & calories,

    For carbs & fat/protein keep em normal around 30% - 40% most of the week. Do a refeed for each one, once a week on different days. Bump your intake on your refeed days up to around 60%-80% for both carbs and fat/protein.

    For calories, cycle them by doing 2 fasts a week and one refeed (above normal intake) a week. The one extra fast gives you a weekly calorie deficit (you burn out from doing daily deficits).

    If it gets a bit complicated you can combine a few things together (eg refeed carbs on a fast day.) just experiment with it. Hope that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badkty22 View Post
    On another note, I hope your screen name is just tongue-n-cheek. You certainly are neither stupid nor fat. You could still be a hobbit, I suppose...
    Haha Thanks... Yeah it's from a quote by Gollum...bit of a Lord of the Rings fan. Seemed fitting.

    I am going to readjust and increase carbs a bit...and switch over to leaner sources of protein, decreasing fat. I will try keeping calories to 2200 and see if that works. I guess this will take longer than I hoped to "dial in".

    Maybe I'll try that fasting regimen, too.

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    Update: I think weight gain has at least stopped or slowed (down one day, up bit the next). My average for the last week was 50% fat (113g), 34% protein (170g), and 16% carbs (81g).

    One thing I realized is that you should not enter cardio exercise in the app because then it makes it seem like you can eat more (it subtracts those calories, which is not needed if your caloric requirements are already calculated from an estimated activity level as described in PB, chapter 8).

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    Quote Originally Posted by StupidFatHobbit View Post
    One thing I realized is that you should not enter cardio exercise in the app
    Probably wise. Individuals really vary re: energy substrates and respiratory quotient--without sophisticated equipment we have no idea what's being burned.

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    I'm male, 47, 5'11. Primal since Oct 2010. I've been maintaining at around 170-175 for about 2 years, down from 250. What it took for me was just consistency in avoiding the 'big 3' (sugar, vegetable oil, and flour). That and eating lots of fresh veggies, fish, liver, and not overdoing the fats. In fact, I haven't added any fat just for the sake of adding fat since my last stall 2 years ago. I have no problem keeping my weight within about a 5 pound band now. I got down to 162, but that required lots of fasting and was not maintainable. 175 is an ideal weight according to BMI and how I feel. I find if I eat twice a day, lunch and dinner, and no snacks, I can pretty much eat whatever I want at mealtimes, get full, stay full and weight stays stable. If I wanted to put on 10 pounds in a hurry, I'd start eating breakfast and snacking...or start eating the 'big 3' again.

    I find periodic pig-outs don't lead to long-term weight gain. I find periodic calorie restriction doesn't lead to long-term weight loss. It's about balance. I try to exercise every day, walking about 30-60 minutes and doing bodyweight exercises 3 days a week. I haven't tracked calories or macros in over a year, found it to be counter-productive. I eat potatoes or rice every day.

    Keep the diet as clean as possible, don't eat until stuffed, go hungry periodically, keep active--it will all work out.

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