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Thread: Absolute cheapest ways to eat primal?

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    Absolute cheapest ways to eat primal?

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    So I'm a poor poor grad school student at the moment, and I've started to eat primal, while also incorporating some of the "how to eat primal on a budget" tricks I've found around here. Still finding myself spending a fair amount of money on things week to week.

    So I was just curious if anyone has found any ways to go primal on a REALLY low budget. Variety isn't that important to me, I don't mind alot of repitition in my meals (as long as I'm getting everything I need) - but that's easy for breakfast (eggs, bacon, berries, done) but I haven't had much success finding dirt cheap alternatives for lunch and dinner. Mostly I have turned to just a salad or veggie stir fry or just a regular protein (steak, chicken breast, or piece of fish) with a veggie for dinner.

    I'm not much of a chef unfortunately (wish I were!), so the simpler the better. But if anyone has found something that is really cheap that they eat a good bit of, lemme know, thanks!

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    Invest in a crockpot. Buy crappy cuts of grassfed meat (usually the tough parts) and cook them in the crockpot until tender. My favorite is to make a curry with coconut milk and curry paste and just toss in a hunk of meat. Forget about it for a couple of hours and then eat! That said, grassfed meat is still crazy expensive, regardless of what cut you buy. I could never afford it when I was in school.

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    Soups: Buy a whole chicken, and roast for dinner one night. Eat on salad for lunch the next day. Throw the carcass in a pot and make a bone broth.

    Eat local and seasonal. Don't try to buy berries in the dead of winter, but enjoy some apples or pears. Seek out the farmer's markets and buy as much produce there as possible.

    Cook in batches. When pork chops go on sale, buy a few packs and then freeze, or cook and then freeze for instant meals.

    Sweet potatoes are cheap, make them a staple of your diet.

    Don't let the perfect be the enemy of good. Honestly, my family simply cannot swing grass fed meat in our geographic area until we can afford to buy a share of a cow. So, until the capital is available, we will be having meat from the grocery store.

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    roadkill .. it's free, usually grass feed, and comes pre-tenderized
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    eggs, canned fish, frozen veggies, various spices
    yeah you are

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    I too am a poor grad student - here are some of my tricks:
    FARMERS MARKET! (and sometimes if you get to know the farmers, they will hook you up - offer you odd cuts of meat at low prices, etc etc).
    FROZEN MEAT - Do you have something called Sprouts near you? They have good prices and actually have fresh grass fed and finished steak I can afford. However, as another option, I buy a lot of grass fed meat frozen. I wait for it to go on sale and stock up - frozen tends to be cheaper anyway.
    Knowing what to invest on - So my understanding is that the fattier the meat, the more you have to be concerned with organic etc. So for sure, if you are eating red meat buy high quality. For lower fat meats, you don't have to worry as much.
    Same with produce - figure out which produce should be organic and which doesn't matter so much.
    Like the above poster said - stock up on sale, cook in big batches, freeze cooked meals and/or meat on sale.

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    Check the sale ads!!!!!!!!!! I'm feeding a family of 8, and when they have 1/2 off specials on the cheaper cuts of meat, I stock up! The slow cooker is my friend. It cooks up any cut of meat to perfection. :-) Also, definitely buy veggies and fruit in season. Not only are they "better" then, they are also much cheaper. I'm getting cantaloupe for 88 cents a piece right now (not per pound, but for the entire cantaloupe!!!). If you can handle dairy, you can buy cheese in bulk for a really good price usually. I'm not sure how much in the way of carbs you can handle, but I usually make a half potato, half cauliflower mash once a week and then add lots of butter and cream to it. That's a cheap source of calories. We eat that with a big hunk of meat and another vegetable usually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodorchid View Post
    eggs, canned fish, frozen veggies, various spices
    I second the canned fish. You can get wild Alaskan salmon for about 3 dollars a pound that way. Buy the traditional style which includes the skin and bones.

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    ground beef, eggs and potatoes was the cheapest way I ever ate on real food. I did that for other reasons, than saving money, so I would throw in any veggies/fruit that's on sale.
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    Here's a link to eat wild:
    Eat Wild

    I think it's a good way to find out who is near you that sells the good meat. I think that if there are enough people near, you also get to price them, and this could potentially lead to some savings.

    Also, buying in bulk seems to be helpful on prices in certain places I've been to, and as a result, we'd go in on meat with a few other people to get our overall costs down. It's not easy to always do this because not everyone is into the grass fed yet unfortunately. If you start clubs, though, maybe this happens?

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