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Thread: What's Your Grocery Budget?

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    What's Your Grocery Budget?

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    We are a family of five and it seems like we overspend on food no matter if it's SAD or Primal. What's a "normal" food budget on PB? How much do you all spend per month?

    We're looking forward to your input -- Hopefully it'll help us budget better!

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    $200 per week for four of us.

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    We spend $100 per week for two adults. This money goes towards dinners. We usually spend about $50-$60 on pasture-raised meats namely grass-fed beef (ground and brisket), pastured pork (ground, hocks, jowls, belly) and pastured eggs. We spend about $20-$30 on (mostly organic) veggies and $0-$10 on canned items like coconut milk, canned fish, etc... Lunch money comes directly from our own funds. I usually spend about $20 on a big hunk of meat (pork roast, chicken, etc) and about $10 on veggies to make a stir fry that will last all week. We aren't willing to sacrifice quality nor are we willing to spend more on food, so we buy cheaper cuts, which we prefer anyways. I find the key is planning meals ahead. If you are looking for some cost effective recipes, I suggest you check out It's my go to for recipes.

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    We spend between $100 and $150 each week (2 adults) depending on if we need to restock some things. I really recommend The Primal Blueprint Meal Plan. It helped to get our costs under control.
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    $100-$150 a week for 2 of us

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    I estimate I spend around 35-45 per week for one person. I live at home and so rent pays for some food but I always go out and buy more food myself. I'd eat more but I earn a tiny amount so I can't!

    The family doesn't realise how much I eat nor can get over the fact that quality/type of food is much more important than quantity when it comes to "being thin". All my family are overweight or obese and they don't even eat that much food, it's just refined grains for 80% of their diet. My twin even goes to the gym thinking this will help him loose his "man boobs"... Very sad that after months of doing this and not changing his diet, he won't accept that what he eats affects his body.

    Sorry for the rant!

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    Whew! I thought I was overspending as I have been buying meat from WF lately.

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    We spend $100 per week for 2 adults. This is a little less than I spent on SAD, and the same for "Healthy Grain Heavy" and Primal. We tend to eat VERY well, mostly because we cook 3 meals a day and eating out is a rare treat. We have been transitioning from CAFO to grass-fed/woodlot raised meats in the past couple of months as I source good local meats, so this figure may need some adjustment later in the year. My husband still eats small amount of some grains, so I probably spent and average of $6 a week on bread/cereal/rice. Going to the Farmer's Market is also bumping up our grocery budget, but I'm not sure how that will play out yet. We love meeting and getting to know the people who are raising our food.

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    Honestly I don't budget grocery. I spend what I need to in order to feed me and my family the best available stuff. I'll cut other bills out before I consider the grocery money. My TV, air, heat, and internet can all go by the wayside before my good food can. Gotta have your priorities.

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    We are a family of 4. The kids are 10 & 12 and eat adult-sized quantities (or more!). We easily spend about $300/week for ALL food and beverages including lunches out for my dh.

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