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Thread: Say 10 random things about yourself!

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    Say 10 random things about yourself!

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    They have to to be:
    -as unrelated to Primal as possible
    -not known by many (if any) people on here
    -relatively safe for work ;p

    1.- I paint a lot and have done since I was a child (mum and dad have both painted professionally, we are unsure how much it runs in the family and how much it was influence).
    2.- I've lived on my own since before I came of age.
    3.- I still have body-dysmorphia which sometimes takes hold. When I go through an episode of it, I can sometimes go from thinking myself skinny, to thinking I'm fat, to thinking I'm butch, to thinking I'm disproportionate... all within a few hours.
    4.- I dislike technology with as much passion as a stereotypical senior.
    5.- I used to prefer men's clothes to a point where it could have been called cross-dressing, but am far girlier since meeting my fiance (when I don't need to be practical, that is). I think he brought out the woman in me!
    6.- I aim to be as frugal as possible, but, when the Hare Krishna's approach me for cash to buy food for the homeless I give them everything I can. Homelessness strikes a nerve with me, as I know personally how hard it can be to get somewhere when you have so little to your name.
    7.- I would eat any animal. I like dogs (in general) more than I like humans (in general), but I'd still eat a dog if I were short of meat for long enough. Other humans would go in too, in an extreme situation. I'd also probably be pretty unemotional about it, as I'm very practical and value my, my genetics and my family's survival above all else.
    8.- On that note, I try and remove my own emotions as much as possible from every argument. I do this to a point where my father and I can have very long arguments, basically playing Devil's advocate against each other, just for the sake of arguing. It USUALLY stays friendly.
    9.- I am very much a narcissist. I even feel some happiness in being a narcissist; that's how deep it runs. (It is also one of the main reasons I like my arguments to be mostly void of my own emotions, as I know how biased they are and don't want the argument to be weakened by my own personality or opinions.)
    10.- Despite how unemotional I aim to be, everything in life gives me a ridiculous amount of joy. I can go from watching deer and dogs playing, to watching dogs hunting deer, to eating deer myself and take joy in all of it: the marvels of nature and its odd ways of making strange animals friendly to each other; the magnificence of a hunting animal and a prey animal in action, illustrating how perfectly they were designed for their roles in life; the taste of fresh meat, of good cooking and the knowledge of the marvels that go on inside my body to make that meat of use. All of it is beautiful.
    Perfection is entirely individual. Any philosophy or pursuit that encourages individuality has merit in that it frees people. Any that encourages shackles only has merit in that it shows you how wrong and desperate the human mind can get in its pursuit of truth.

    I get blunter and more narcissistic by the day.
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    My journal readers know a lot about me, haha.

    1. My first car was $450, a 1974 VW Beetle. It had a baja body style already started, with fiberglass fenders and a chopped engine compartment, so we finished the job by chopping the front and installing the fiberglass nose piece. I sold it for over $1k to another young enthusiast after the engine was rebuilt for the second time and I had neither the time nor patience to put into it anymore. I named it Franz.
    2. I am really bored right now.
    3. I have never broken any bones.
    4. I have only had stitches once. My cousins' dog bit my lip. 5 stitches when I was 5 years old. My sister stepped on a hot curling iron that my stupid cousin left out later that same day.
    5. I experience a burning rage when people flippantly use the word "retard" in any form (my 15 year old brother has Down's syndrome).
    6. I am outrageously overprotective of my big sister and little brother. Is this a middle child thing? My sister is only about 2 years old, whereas my brother is 9 years younger.
    7. I bought a scooter (as in moped) 2 years ago to use as my primary mode of transportation. I sold it this year since I started cycling to work to save gas money (when it's not friggin' raining). It was fun, but definitely has some limitations in terms of convenience. Riding a scooter in the rain is possibly even more miserable than CYCLING in the rain, even when you've got full rain gear on. Maybe that's just me.
    8. I have a lot of pride in my heritage on my dad's side, but know very little about the culture my grandparents' grew up in or Russian history (grandfather was from the Ukraine, grandmother was from Belarus). I have a very Russian-looking name and I only know a few words in Russian, but the sound of it is very familiar to me because my grandparents and dad used to speak it together a lot when I was little.
    9. I have been within 100 (maybe) feet of the Pacific ocean, but never touched it.
    10. I have only been out of the country once, to Italy when I was 17.
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    Heh. Things folks don't know about me on here? Good fucking luck.
    1) I have little to no depth perception. My world is mostly 2D.
    2) I've lived in Texas my whole life and never been to Mexico. I have, however, been to Canada.
    3) My genealogy is comprised of every drinking nation in Europe, sans the Germanic and Russian states.
    4) I grew up in a part of Dallas called Oak Cliff, which isn't exactly known for nonviolence or being well to do.
    5) I am the 4th generation of the past 5 to be an engineer on my father's side of the family. (My father washed out of engineering at calculus, but the 3 generations prior were engineers.)
    6) I am the first person ever on my mother's side to get an advanced degree.
    7) I despise eggplant and kidneys. I will actively go hungry before I eat those, and have.
    8) While I live in Texas, I have never crossed the state in one sitting in any direction.
    9) My maiden name meant "oak tree." My married name means " oak forest." I live in the desert.
    10) I am within kissing distance of being able to sit the exam for my Professional Engineer License
    Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, steak in one hand, chocolate in the other, yelling "Holy F***, What a Ride!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by naiadknight View Post
    1) I have little to no depth perception. My world is mostly 2D.
    My little brother can't see 3D movies (obviously with the glasses on). My mom's response, "Great, I can save some money at the movies!"

    3) My genealogy is comprised of every drinking nation in Europe, sans the Germanic and Russian states.
    You're kind of missing a lot of that drinking with vodka

    10) I am within kissing distance of being able to sit the exam for my Professional Engineer License
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    1)I have a really good singing voice and have sung professionally including with the SD Symphony.
    2)I have a dog (the Primal Wolf Cub) who is the love of my life but anybody who reads my journal knows that.
    3)I am by nature a complete and total slob. I don't clean unless it gets to the seriously disgusting point.
    4)I have enough academic degrees to paper a wall, none of which I'm using being retired.
    5)I recently moved from a huge house to a condo and I love it. Less maintenance and a more walkable neighborhood.
    6)I have been to every continent except South America and that is next on my to do list.
    7)My whole family is down to one sister with whom I am not on speaking terms. I make up for this with lots of great friends.
    8)My best friend is also someone I consider to be my 2nd Mom. I have known her as long as the first one and love her just as much.
    9)I have recently re-connected with an old boyfriend and I think I may be falling in love all over again.
    10)My favorite color is red.

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    Pretty easy, because I'm new here.

    1. My favourite activity in the world is reading. I could spend hours and days with books and read and read and read. I learned English to be able to read in it.
    2. I used to have rats for six years and now I have a cat. Kind of switch.
    3. I could eat one favourite dish daily for very long period - even months. Then it switches for another favourite dish.
    4. I love grey and navy blue, I wear mainly these two colours, even if I force myself to buy some bright or at least different colours, I end with some grey top and navy pullover in my basket.
    5. I never have broken any bone, even though I was hit by car when I was 12.
    6. When I was young, I used to literally live on the floor, I played there, ate there, drew there, watched TV there. I didn't like chairs.
    7. I wear only skirts for some time and hate trousers, then I switch to trousers and hate skirts.
    8. I'm overthinking EVERYTHING. I cannot relax, even in the end of yoga class, I lay in shavasana in tension, thinking. It is horrible.
    9. I have entomophobia - fear of insects
    10. I used to be good singer as a child - now I sing totally out of tune and any melody is beyond recognition in my presentation.
    Everything changes, but nothing is truly lost. - Neil Gaiman

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    1. My ethnic heritage is Lithuanian, English, Irish, and Americian Indian.
    2. After I was born and brought to my mom she said to take me back and bring her her real daughter. My paternal grandmother asked my no who was she sleeping with. (my mom said I looked Chinese and hispanic mix
    3. My mom didn't actually remember the date I was born on, and all the legal documents she had were types over or white outed. (Leading me to believe that she had stolen me. Incorrect)
    4. I was told that I look like my paternal aunt whom died 4 months before I was born: and had the personality of my maternal uncle whom died around the same time.
    5. I went to six different elementary school three middle schools and one high school. But we moved at least 20 times. My mom liked to move around alot.
    6. I didn't realize my father died until years later. My mom stated she was sure she informed me and I wasn't listening.
    7. The first car that I actually purchased was a Volkswagen rabbit. I loved,to go off roding with it because if you got stuck it was easy to push out.
    8. Being around alot of people drains my energy. It is exacerbated if it is people I don't know..
    9. I truly hate auto-correct.
    10. I believe I am slight empathic. I tend to be able to feel other peoples emotion and am able to join them in the "well" but have a hard time getting out once I am in.

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    1. I got into my current field over 8 years ago by just lying and saying I was an expert. I knew nothing.
    2. I long for a life that is completely devoid of currency.
    3. I am nearly emotionless according to those around me. Anger was always the most expressed of my emotions but that has also faded since going primal.
    4. I've had a gun pulled on me on three separate occasions.
    5. My dog is my best friend, next to my wife.
    6. My wife and I have worked 5 feet from each other since before we got married over 7 years ago. We are literally together 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
    7. I am totally okay with number 6.
    8. I wish I had been born 100 years earlier.
    9. My grandfather changed his last name when he arrived here from France for unknown reasons. Nobody knows his original last name.
    10. My fitness goal is.... SPIDER-MAN.

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    1. I struggle to compile lists.
    2. I am left-handed.
    3. (This line intentionally left blank)
    4. My mood is ridiculously tied to the weather. Living in the UK over the past few years has therefore been...challenging.
    5. I firmly believe dogs should be seen and not heard.
    6. I've been to Chernobyl.
    7. And done John O'Groats to Lands End
    8. In two weeks I've got a weekend of hooning my motorbike off-road around the North of England planned.
    9. I qualified as an electrician just in time for a massive construction recession.
    10. I have no fillings in my teeth (Aged 28 in the UK that's an achievement)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    6)I have been to every continent except South America and that is next on my to do list.
    Do you have pictures from Antarctica? I wanna see 'em!

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