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Thread: The Black Hole in your house

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    The Black Hole in your house

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    You know the one: the place that your other socks, spare pens, and guitar plectrums vanish to... and never return.

    I've mislaid my measuring tape and it's really bugging me. Where do all these bloody items go??

    So, question: have you lost items that eventually turned up somewhere odd, and if so where?

    Also, why does it frequently happen that as soon as tell someone you're looking for something, you find it? (hence me starting this post... No one in my real life could understand the gravity of losing a measuring tape )
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    Well, I have a dog so I can always blame it on him taking the items somewhere and hiding them like burying a bone.

    You wouldn't believe all the stuff I found when I moved from my house to my new condo. Stuff gets back down behind furniture. That may be where your tape is hiding. Could it have slid off the back of a dresser or cabinet?

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    I generally blame the gnomes. ;-)
    I know I misplaced a pair of underwear for the longest time, only to find it between the drawer and the back of the dresser. I've also misplaced my phone, only to find it when the fridge started ringing. I misplaced a stuffed animal back when I was a kid, only to find it after I moved out on a visit home. I blame the cats, although how they got something as big as themselves into the crawlspace, I'll never know.
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    Important little stuff like that I just buy half a dozen of them at a time. It takes a lot longer for them to disappear that way.

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    The Recovery Elves took it. I see this as a good thing, the Universe is quietly looking after you. ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.

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    My stuff only comes back when I declare that it's gone forever. Sometimes it comes back if I go look for something else. It usually comes back if I buy a replacement.
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    A friend's theory: aliens take them to do research. When they're done, they return them. That's why we find them in places we could swear we looked a number of times.
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    That black hole has my vegetable peeler. I'm trying to hold off buying a new one in hopes it'll turn up but I suck at peeling sweet potatoes with a knife and there are two just sitting there calling my name, telling me how delicious they would be with butter.

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    My dryer somehow takes single socks and transforms them into wire coat hangers. I buy only quality clothes hangers, and have never once in my entire life bought wire ones, but there seem to be more and more in my closets. And there's always an odd sock when I do laundry.

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    I'm terrible for throwing my veg peeler away with the peelings, the one I have now has a bright red handle, problem solved....I hope!

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