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Thread: Possible to avoid processed carbohydrates on $5 per day?

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    Possible to avoid processed carbohydrates on $5 per day?

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    So some stuff went wrong and I need to do the equivalent of eating ramen for a week. What's the healthiest way to do this? If you had just $5 per day to feed an average-sized guy, without sugar or processed carbs, how would you do it?

    (Just as a reference, I already eat really clean and have a food budget of about $18 per day)

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    Potatoes. With each meal.

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    Lots of eggs and frozen broccoli or cauliflower.

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    Lean ground beef. Not ideal, but gets you through temporary tough spots. (I speak from experience.)

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    Do you have a costco or a sam's club nearby? You can get six cans of chicken breast for about five dollars. Add some fat (butter, olive oil, whatever) and some veggies and you've got six lunches or dinners.

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    Go to the 99c Only store. But read labels really well. Most stuff there is crap, full of HFCS, MSG and soy. You might find some tuna or cheap produce if you are lucky.

    Also, try this bottom-feeder trick. Get a schedule of events in your city. Look for events where there may be free food. Such events include:
    - Art gallery openings
    - Sierra Club or other group potlucks
    - Church potlucks
    - Dances

    If you attend any of these types of events regularly as I do, if your town is small enough like mine is, you will recognize a subset of people who always turn up at them even though you know they are not members of the Sierra Club or Audubon Society, care not a bit for art and aren't religious.

    Another trick if you live in So Cal is to just walk or ride your bike around and look for back yard fruit trees leaving fruit all over the ground or hanging over fences into alleys and side-streets.
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    I am in a tricky situation myself as I live alone in a tiny flat (little storage space, a small fridge and no freezer) and only work part time so am on a budget. I eat a lot of eggs, canned tuna sometimes, whey protein and ground beef or turkey. I buy fresh veg but it doesn't last the full week so I also keep jars of sauerkraut which are cheap and healthy. Frozen spinach is relatively cheap too (I do have an ice box, it just doesn't hold much).

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    Assuming you have some fat on hand, fried cabbage can be a lot of calories for little money. I think the last head of green cabbage I bought was 27 cents.


    For protein I noticed the larger cans of salmon and mackerel are much better $/oz than the small tins

    If you have any bone stock laying around you can make a soup with 30-cent tomato paste, dried herbs, and celery that's pretty filling

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    Although prices would differ in the US - I am in Oz - I would go for cheap commercial dairy: cheddar for protein and butter for extra calories. Just add a few cheap veggies, such as frozen veg, carrots, onion, cabbage. As for meat, the cheapest here is chicken or turkey drumsticks or wings. I was just calculating last night that per calorie cheap commercial butter here is actually cheaper than a super cheap bulk bag of rice, which is actually a really cool thought for dire times! I personally have access to free fruit and veg so if I had too I could live on buttered veg for some time.
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