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Thread: Is there a conspiracy behind the vegan agenda? Just a thought

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    Is there a conspiracy behind the vegan agenda? Just a thought

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    I'm just throwing this out there, even though it might be totally crazy. I wanted to bounce it off you guys and see what you thought.

    I was thinking recently, why is there a vegan agenda. Why are they so hell-bent against meat, why do they want to push so hard for people to convert, by putting out books and documentaries? I'm wondering if there's any weight to this: is it possible that Monsanto is somehow involved, and wants to put meat out of business so that there's more land available for soybean crops instead of livestock? I mean, what a perfect win for them, right? Everyone gets scared of meat and goes vegetarian or vegan, and soon we're all eating soy-based crap.

    If not that, then why? Why are there people pushing the vegan agenda so hard? What's in it for them?

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    Vegans get sick faster, then buy more meds. They buy lots of soy "food" and get sick quicker and buy more meds. Also It drains your energy so you dont have the oomph to be political and activist like. They support Veganism so that the young and impressionable idjits get all wound in and run down so that the companies can do as they please without interference from the young activists types.

    makes sense to me.
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    I'm not sure if that would make sense. An animal has to eat a lot of grain to produce each pound of meat. Since Monsanto makes the money no matter who eats the grain, I would think that they make more if the animals eat it.

    Which doesn't mean Monsanto isn't involved in a conspiracy.....

    Stanford Magazine - Can Vegetarianism Save the World? Nitty-gritty - January/February 2010 states that it takes 20 lbs of grain/corn to produce a pound of edible meat.

    Meat Production Wastes Natural Resources | states that it takes 13 lbs of grain/corn to produce a pound of beef.
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    Why does anybody need a reason for an ideology?
    Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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    Except monsanto seeds grow feed for livestock.

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    Because reason allows us to base an ideology on fact instead of fancy?


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    I think vegans are are a very similar group to us. They believe that they have found the answer to eating towards better health. Just as we try to enlighten our friends, family, and co workers so do they.

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    There's nothing more rewarding than believing that you're a better person than everyone else.

    Veganism is mostly a statement by your ego, rather than a personal thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MEversbergII View Post
    Because reason allows us to base an ideology on fact instead of fancy?
    As if most people really care about that when it comes to their ideology! ;-)

    Anyway, no, I don't think there's a conspiracy.
    It's actually funny how much we have in common with vegans.
    And this discussion is yet another example of one of those things! I've seen discussions on vegan blogs from people who think the Paleo/Primal movement is a conspiracy perpetuated by the meat and dairy industry, and that we're either shills of those industries or just gullible people who like the excuse to eat meat and tell ourselves we're being healthy.
    Vegans also generally hate GMOs and factory farming practices just as much as any good caveman or woman.
    One of my favorite food blogs is by a vegan who makes healthy desserts and many of them are actually Primal friendly as well because she often uses dark chocolate, cocanut oil, stevia, fruits and vegetables for colorings. Chocolate Coverd Katie, if anyone is interested.
    In my quest to educate myself about sprouting, I've found many helpful YouTube videos...all made by raw vegans.

    The point of contention really is just meat and the fact that you have to kill animals to get it. For many vegans the main reason they choose veganism is ethical issues. Health and environmental issues are more secondary, but if you're a believer that killing animals is wrong it's even better to believe that your moral choice is also the healthiest. Plus, for animal activist groups like PETA, the political realization that they'll reach more people by expanding their message beyond just 'meat is murder.'

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    That's even more ridiculous than saying that paleo is just a conspiracy by the meat industry

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