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Thread: Alcohol

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    Do you drink alcohol? What kind? How often? Why or why not?
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    I mostly drink red wine these days, although the occasional beer, as long as it's REALLY nice, might pass my lips. In general though, I drink very little to begin with. Maybe once every month or two. Mostly when I'm with family and drinks are already being poured.

    More food for thought:

    Definitive Guide to Alcohol on a Low Carb Diet | Mark's Daily Apple

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    Tito's, Ciroc, Patron XO (straight or with some Ryan's), Patron Silver when the regional VP's are buying, Jameson, Knob Creek, several weissbier & several doppelbock. I won't give up alcohol for anything. I however don't drink every night, or even every other night.
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    Red wine or nice craft beers. Beer is my 20%.

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    I drink wine three days per week. One evening I'll have too much round a friend's house and Saturday & Sunday I will have half a bottle with dinner. I also drink single malts every now and again. Had a couple of tots on Tuesday evening when my daughter with grandson were visiting. Had wine then too. I do however make allowance for it as far as calories go because I am still losing weight.

    I had a pint of real ale in the summer after walking in the hills and wine would just not have been as satisfying. I will also be having some beer with a curry in the new year.

    I enjoy my life and although I see the sense of being 100% primal, I'm going to be naughty when I want to because that's just the way I am.
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    I like Cider & might have 1-2 times a week..
    & the occasional Whisky(usually Stags Breath Honey Whisky Liqueur)& Kraken Rum
    Occasional meaning a 70cl bottle will last me & hubby well over a year if not much longer.

    If we go out for a meal I might have something like a margarita or daiquiri or whatever im in the mood for but that happens fewer times a year than I can count on one hand.

    I use Wine for cooking with but dont drink it (never liked the taste) so dont know if that counts Gotta do something with all the booze I get from my clients at Christmas time
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    i had at least three scotch's last night. we can't say for certain.

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    This might sound funny or silly to some, but I never took to drinking alcohol. Especially hard liquor. It tastes nasty to me and it burns my esophagus really bad. Wine tastes like a puke to me, LOL! I used to drink beer once in a blue moon when having pizza or hot wings.

    I wish I've had similar experience with cigarettes too, but finally kicked the 14 year nasty habit for good, two years ago.

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    I used to love a good red wine but I rarely drink at all anymore. Since going Primal, I find my tolerance for alcohol is way down and the hangover factor is way up. It just doesn't work out to being worth it except as a special occasion *one* glass.

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    Woodchuck hard cider whenever it sounds good, and martinis (espresso martinis are heaven) on Thursday nights with my crew.

    It's been an eventful week so I've indulged the last 3 days, but typically it's just Thursday nights, with maybe one or two hard ciders at any other time through the week. Maybe 4-5 drinks a week, tops. Some weeks, none.

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