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Thread: Frustrated at my progress (or lack thereof)...

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    Frustrated at my progress (or lack thereof)...

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    Good evening MDA,

    Even after buying and reading the book on top of researching and attempting to maintain a Paleo approach to my health, lately I have been experiencing struggles related to my weight. In the past I haven't found it overly difficult to cut weight but that was because I would keep my calories dangerously low, while maintaining a relatively high workout regimen. I always had a mindset that if I cut weight first then I would worry about strength and power second. Even with that approach my body would never break the 200 lbs. barrier that seems to be my bane for weight loss.

    Ive started a new approach to paleo after more research and time exploring the internet and other resources but i've never felt 100% certain that my approach was on the mark or on the path to paleo success. My goal is simple. Maintain my overall strength and power, while cutting my weight down to around 190 (6'1 frame). I know this will require eating enough to maintain my energy and muscle recovery, but in the last week and a half i haven't seen nor felt a significant difference in my body.

    My diet runs much like this:

    30 grams soy protein in the morning. (more of my wake up snack, ive started mixing coffee for a pick me up)

    4 Sausage links for lunch: each @ 260 Cal. 23g Fat, 8 Satfat, 1g carbs, 12g Protein. + 1 tblsp of Extra Virgin olive oil.

    4 eggs 4 slices of bacon 3 cups of spinach for dinner: eggs @ 70 cal each 4.5 fat, 1g carb, 6g Protein. Bacon @ 70 cal 7g fat, 2.5 satfat, 0 carbs, 2g Protein. Spinach @ ??

    2 servings of almonds through the day.

    Some fruit and salads here and there with less than a cup of whole milk.

    This is my typical day. I have no problem eating the same things over and over so sticking to this is not a problem. But maybe my diet isn't diverse enough. Or maybe im just doing it wrong. Patience may be key as well.

    Please critique my approach, I hate being stressed on this sort of thing and I know its counter to the primal way.

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    Some nits I could pick from your plan:

    1)Ditch the soy protein. Soy is a legume (not Primal) and this powder is a highly processed product. If you must have a protein powder, whey would be better because it is closer to being just milk. Getting your protein from real food instead of a powder is more satiating.

    2) Go easy on the processed meats. Bacon and sausage are great if you cut up your own pig but, if store bought, can have a lot of additives and fillers involved. Eat some steak or a burger or a can of fish or some lox.

    3) How big is a "serving"of almonds (x2)? Nuts are ok but shouldn't be over-consumed due to their O6 content. The best nuts for snacking are macadamia nuts which are also self limiting quantity wise unless you are really rich.

    4) Eat enough at your meals that you don't need/want snacks at all. Allowing your system more time in between feedings gets the fat mobilization program up and running. As long as you keep snacking, the body is still running the energy storage program.

    5)Milk is sometimes a problem for some people. Do you have access to raw milk?

    And yes, patience. That too. This is not a "miracle" diet, it is a lifestyle change.

    Overall it sounds like you are on the right track.

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    Soy. Lol. That is probably lowering your testosterone a bit.

    And you need to eat a crap ton more food. Shoot for about 4000 calories daily for a solid month to convince your body it's okay to use fat for fuel.

    200 pounds at 6'1" is already pretty light. Expect very gradual changes at best, especially if you're already strong.
    Steak, eggs, potatoes - fruits, nuts, berries and forage. Coconut milk and potent herbs and spices. Tea instead of coffee now and teeny amounts of kelp daily. Let's see how this does! Not really had dairy much, and gut seems better for it.

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    I think you should replace the sausage links for something else. It's technically meat, but it's still fairly processed, unless you're getting the good organic stuff with minimal fillers. Your height/weight seems fairly normal, and your food consumption seems to be on the lower end calorically for someone of your height, honestly. If I were you, I'd ditch the sausages for better cuts of meat, get some whey isolate to replace the soy protein if you must take a protein shake daily. Focus more on lifting weights and shifting body composition from fat to muscle instead of losing weight.
    F 28/5'4/100 lbs

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    Hi Snookman,

    I'm also 6'1", my regular weight is around 80kg (+/- 175lbs). I have no idea of my BF, I have abs but I'm certainly not shredded. Even when trained super hard for rugby and ate like a horse I never got above 86kg (190lbs). So I'm a fairly lean, muscular body type, not a gym rat build.

    In a day I would normally eat
    A whey protein shake before breakfast.
    Breakfast- 2 eggs, cold meat or smoked salmon, veggies (normally about a handful of frozen spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes or leftovers)
    Lunch- meat (1 chicken breast or similar size steak or burger) with salad or veggies
    Dinners- meat (2 chicken breast or similar size steak or burger) with salad or veggies

    When I say chicken breast that is just to give you an idea of the size of a portion, it may be lamb, pork, salmon, casserole etc. I have no idea about the macros of these meals but I roughly follow the plan that protein should be the size of your hand and the rest of the plate is veg/ salad etc.

    During the rest of the day I'll probably have a handful of mixed nuts (I buy a variety and just put them together myself, i don't buy a premix selection), I try to have at least one good serving of berries or if not some kind of fruit and if I'm still hungry which is quite often I'll have celery/ carrot sticks with some cheese (whatever is on hand- cheddar, brie, low fat cottage cheese). I'll often have some dark chocolate in the evening and a glass or two of wine with dinner.

    Two things that do help me though are- 1 food quality, I do eat sausage and bacon but not as a staple and if I do it's from a handmade local butcher. 2- I try to time my meals so I don't get hungry and start over snacking.

    Regarding exercise I'm normally pretty active- biking, climbing, I own a small farm where I work part time as well. I do one strength workout a week now along the HIT method and one sprint.
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    I'd eat more normal, unprocessed meat- beef, chicken, pork.
    Lots of fruits and veggies.
    Good fats.

    Soy protein is not primal or paleo. It's not needed. Have a piece of chicken or some steak. It makes me bloat- last week I had a smoothie and I know they put the soy protein in it- I bloated and spent the day feeling like crap.

    Also, the salt in bacon and sausage can cause bloat and some of the sausage product out there has gluten in it.

    A week and a half is not enough time to see a lot of change unless you are very obese and switching from a diet of complete crap. If you are down to the last say, 10 or 15 lbs, you need to look over months, not weeks for changes and need to go to other indicators than the scale.
    Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!

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    How long have you been overweight? How much did you really expect things to change in 10 days? Give it 10 weeks and we'll be a little bit concerned.

    And ditch the soy. Eat real food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knifegill View Post
    200 pounds at 6'1" is already pretty light.
    I don't think 200 lbs is light at all. I'm 6'1" myself and find that aesthetics go out the window when I go heavier than 200 lbs. Most people that tall would probably weigh ~160 lbs if they cut down to 10% bodyfat.

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    Your diet is getting there (of course, depending on what you ate before). You will soon figure out what works and doesnt work for your body.

    I am trying to lose weight, and there are several things on this list that stalls my weight loss. Soy protein (actually, never tried it), almonds, and milk.

    The sausage and bacon--I have it in the fridge for "emergencies"--if I run out of fresh protein. I dont end up usually eating it (I always have daughter and husband that dive into it). Start adding chicken, pork, beef, and all those yummy fatty meats out there!

    I love fruit--but truthfully, I would lose faster if I just kicked the habit (haha!). If I do eat fruit, it is always high-sugar fruit, so now I am trying to limit myself to one cup of pineapple or one banana.

    Best of luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kharnath View Post
    I don't think 200 lbs is light at all. I'm 6'1" myself and find that aesthetics go out the window when I go heavier than 200 lbs. Most people that tall would probably weigh ~160 lbs if they cut down to 10% bodyfat.
    Throw away your fashion mags and your scale. 200lbs at your height is being an adult male. Lift some heavy weights. Ditch the man-boob-making soy shit. Eat REAL meat. Quit trying to lose weight. Eating and lifting like a real man will give you a man's body. It will turn YOUR body into the best body it wants to be.
    Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.

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