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  1. Yeah, that's California for you.... and I live in the heart of Silicon Valley.......

    Crazy ass prices.

    And you'd think it would get you a mansion - yeah RIGHT, not so much.....
  2. Good gravy! That's a LOT of money! WAY more than our house is worth!
  3. Hi! Thanks for the message!

    Yeah, I'll be able to find the house as soon as escrow closes on the tenth of this month.

    Was up for sale for 1,099M, but I'm pretty sure it sold for 1.2 or 1.5.... hopefully only one
    more day until I find out!
  4. Hi Julie. Thanks for the blowby on my journal. What houses sell for is a matter of public record. You can usually find that information on property tax websites. Our state/county uses this site: If your state uses that, you can probably narrow it down to your county and then type in the address of the house that sold. If it wasn't a really recent sale, it should be on there. Or contact your county tax assessor and ask.
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