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  1. I tried to respond to your e-mail, did you get my message?
  2. Part 3 of 3 (READ LAST!!) I am self-treating with T3 I buy online. I am just winding up the Leptin Reset after almost 4 months and am transitioning to Post LRx now. And I still haven't ordered any necessary tests which I need to do. Working on Estrogen Dominance issue now which was previously diagnosed by a doctor but it's gotten worse based on my suddenly short monthly cycles (11 days, 14 days...etc). If you have a good experience with Dr. Nichols, let me know.
    I hope that all goes well for you and I will try to keep up with your progress! I usually hang out at the Opitimal Health Cave with ColleenCoble, Quelson, Smarkley & Maile etc. They all post here cuz they have great things to add while I'm still gleaning!!
    Bobbi : )
  3. This was the beginning of regaining my health. But after about 4 months with no T3, I started to digress again. Dr. Nichols wanted me to come in for a complete Hormone panel etc before treating me anymore but I didn't have the money at the time (no insurance & was looking at $2000).
    I also suspect I still have excessive RT3's and am intensely reading this thread to figure out how to address this as well. I thought T3 was the fix but Kruse disagrees. This info is so technical for me to decipher...
    Is Dr Nichols prescribing your T3? She's pretty good about T3. If not, I can say that usually once you start using T3, your body will adapt to the amount you're using then after a few weeks, you may need to up your dose a bit--usually after 2 weeks or so. To Be Continued...
  4. Hi,

    You don't know me because I usually just read this thread and haven't yet posted. Awhile back you mentioned that you are going to Dr Nichols in Cedarburg or the other clinic she works in. Can't remember the name. I'm in Eau Claire WI.

    Anyhoo, she was a doctor who first gave me T3 almost 4 years ago. I never did see her in person; rather she consulted with me over the phone & emails and I faxed her recent medical test results. She treated me for Wilson's Temperature Syndrome which is a low body temperature treated with Compounded Sustained Released T3. I think Kruse also dissed that treatment even though it gave me my life back.

    To be continued (1000 char limit)
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