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  1. Yay! I'm glad I'm not the only one who took a metaphorical look around myself in the woods and cities of Azeroth and said, "this is fun, but I bet I can do this irl and it would be even better." besides having the energy, strength, and flexibility to run and jump like I never could before, primal has encouraged me to seek out all new mats and recipes to level my cooking skill to epic proportions ;D
  2. hey corvidae! i've been working through the before/after pictures thread, and that took me to the success story thread by pseudomotive... i am Totally with you on quitting WoW because you wanted to be awesome iRl not just in-game. i was really excited when my brother convinced me to play because i could 'learn' herbalism, tanning, etc... and after a while realized that while the graphics were lovely, it was a sad excuse for having those skills irl and putting them to good use. and here i am, four years later, supporting my health with herbal medicines, tanning hides (or trying to), living the dream and no longer glued to a computer. i'm glad i wasn't the only one to go through that transition :)
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