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  1. B/c the WoW states that grain is ordained for man as the staff of life, and meat should be eaten sparingly. I eat meat 2-3 meals a day, every day (not at all sparingly in my friend's eyes). She's always eaten very healthy, IMO, and I've always admired her, but we seem to be butting heads a little over Primal. She says she's worried for me.
    My toddler used to be sick every 5 seconds. Ever since I took her off grains, she hasn't had a single sniffle or a sneeze! I've felt better, too. *sigh*
    How could PB feel so good and yet be wrong?
  2. Wow, I am sorry you have to even debate it. Why does your friend think it goes against the word of wisdom? There is nothing that says you HAVE TO eat all the things is says. I always thought it was more about what to avoid anyway.... and that list would have been a lot longer if it had been written now days. It is not likeyou are zero carb. I bet you eat cleaner, closer to the earth, and more veggies than most of your friends from church.

    What if you said that it is fact that sugar (and anything that metabolises like sugar) is a stimulant and addicting? You don't want to be an addict.....
  3. So I was in a debate with a friend (and fellow member of the church) this morning how Primal goes against the word of wisdom. I'm really down. How do you explain to your LDS, WoW touting friends how being happy and feeling better than ever before by avoiding grains is still in line with the Lord's plan?
  4. Good luck on the sparkling water. I call them Fizzie Pop Pops. The Western Family ones are only around $1 each, and you get more than a dinky soda. If you have a Target, they sell a super tasty pomegranate one.
  5. The mistress... too funny!

    Thanks for the sparkling water tip. I'm going to get him some tomorrow and see how it goes.
  6. I feel for your husband. Mine refuses to give up his mistress, Sara Lee. Otherwise he's pretty compliant & very supportive. Have you tried getting him a flavored sparkling water? Western Family makes a black cherry one that I could drink all day. It helped kick my soda habit!
  7. I know what you mean. =)

    I have been doing this for about a year and a half. I have just reached my weight goal last week and am feeling so good about it. My Hubby took the leap the first of the year. He is struggling with giving up soda....
  8. So glad to find a fellow member of the church who gets what I'm going through on a dietary level! I started Primal in mid-January. How 'bout you?
  9. OOps! I just put a reply on my own page.

    I'm in Moab and yes I am LDS. How long have you been primal?
  10. Where are you in Utah? Are you LDS? It would be nice to have a fellow Mormon friend doing Primal!
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