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  1. Hey Michele,
    i was just wondering if you were ever able to make any changes? If you are still around on here, say hey :-)
  2. All of our children, ages 18 down to 1.5 years have seen improvement as well. None of them were really overweight or even chubby, but have slimmed down more and the older ones have put on a noticeable amount of muscle.

    The number one most impacting thing we did was cutting out wheat, which actually came about after finding out I have celiac disease. We got wheat out for the whole household, and all felt better for it within a few days, and sugar cravings went away too. I typically had low blood sugar, low blood pressure, almost lived all day on sweet milky coffee and chocolate. Without wheat, all those problems are gone! I no longer have to eat every couple of hours to keep from passing out. So if you can do just one thing to get started, I thoroughly recommend getting rid of wheat. Once you are feeling better from that change, it will be so much easier to keep going. :-)
    Anyway, I would be happy to share, ask away! :-)

  3. Hi Michele :-)
    I am very open to sharing our experiences, we have only been doing this for about 2.5 months and have seen such great results in our whole family. The first thing I will pass along is that eating white rice and potatoes for the first couple of months was actually helpful for us, there was still a kind of comfort food aspect going on there I think.
    Little background: I started out weighing around 240, guessing by clothing sizes (2xl) since we didn't get a scale till the first month in. I now weigh 210 at almost 3 months in, and it really was effortless. I don't exercise. I am also 7 months pregnant. :-) Have been at 210 for a solid month even though baby is growing normally.
    My husband is overweight also, and has gone down 3 pants sizes and is close to the next one down again.
  4. Hi Laura,

    My name is Michele & I just found this forum in researching low-carb options for eating plans. I have a 2 yo very active boy who is already addicted to goldfish crackers, Cheerios and breaded chicken nuggets (all my fault, of course). DH is rail-thin & can eat anything but still doesn't gain weight. I have the weight balance issue.

    I plan to start the PB prog Dec 1 (I purchased the 21 Day Total Transformation workbook) & have lots of questions. Would you be willing to help me through the process? DH will eat whatever I make for him but isn't keen on loosing his rice & potatoes with dinner. I'm not sure what drew me to you but I thought I would ask. It's ok to say no. :-)

    Houston, TX
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