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  1. I've been wanting to try p90x for a while, it sounds great! Do you order the DVDs online, or can you find them at places like walmart?
  2. it really does. after coming off p90x i just feel so much better after a workout and i don't feel guilty about it being 15 min max because you're working hard the entire time.
  3. Oh, I see what you're talking about! For some reason I was thinking you were talking of actually, I didn't finish the fitness challenge...but I did neccessitate myself to doing exercise almost every day. It feels good. (:
  4. congrats on that then :) did you see the new one they posted? they added some yoga to it
  5. I've completed the 30 day challenge by now, but you can count on me for support! It's really not that hard - just eat whole foods (which are naturally delicious)!
  6. i'm doing the 30 day challenge as well (: best of luck, let's keep in touch
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