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  1. Just buy it off Ebay. Daintree Herbs on Ebay have MSM in powder-form, and if you type Kyolic Garlic in the search-filed, you'll find the dude I bought from.
  2. ooh just discovered Iherb, and shipping is not too bad to Australia.
    is this the stuff?
    I could only see it in a powder form, is that right?
    I am trying to find the garlic too, but am not having much luck in Australia
  4. thanks so much for that, I will see what I can find :)
  5. Hi, Vit K2 is good for skin, but apparently you need quite a high dose, which I was unable to find here in Oz. I'm just going to take 3 capsules daily and see if that helps. MSM, do a Google-search. It's something we have in all our bodily tissues, but it often gets washed or cooked away from natural sources like broccoli, so it's better as a supplement, in powder-form. It's also supposed to really tighten up skin.
    I take kyolic garlic supplement. It's a strong anti-fungal, which I need to finally get rid of the Candida in my gut. I have taken good probiotics for nearly 3 months without being able to fix it, and CO is not strong enough, so my naturopath told me to get kyolic garlic instead. It's already working, as I'm having weird die-off symthomps.
    If you take MSM it's recommended that you combine it with 1000 mg Vit C for better uptake.
  6. Hey there, can you tell me more about these "K2 and MSM" I have horribly wrinkly tummy skin. Also bad muscle separation which I am going to see a surgeon for next week, he would also fix my skin at the same time. But would love to help it a long.
    Also what is the garlic you are taking?
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