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  1. Ah, I'm always curious about people's food choices. Here's an idea. Maybe it's not food. I kept being stuffed up but not a runny nose or anything, and we found out a filter on the heater had not been changed for 100 years. (I'm exaggerating. The house is old and didn't even have a heater when it was built!). We changed it and wow, what a difference. It's hard to imagine primal stuffing anyone, but maybe it's in the sauces -- all that fermenty stuff.

    I have a brother in Mass. He was an engineer on that crazy Big Dig thing. He usually is building a bridge somewhere.

    Hope you find what's making you stuffy. Food is fantastic when it's not being ridiculously annoying.
  2. Hey I just sent you a message, but forgot you asked about eggs, not tomatoes! Some people are allergic to eggs so I guess my nutritionist wanted to see if I also have a sensitivity or allergy, but I just added them back and haven't felt any worse.
  3. Totally getting the no tomatoes, citrus, and vinegar. Always been a bit iffy on eggs, but curious as to why you personally chose to eliminate them.
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