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  1. Oh, I'm doing the last year of homeschooling with my youngest son. It's our "college" year. Lots of drawing and some literature. We might brush up on his German this summer.
  2. Guten Morgen! I figured someday someone would pick up on one of my language tidbits. Well, I just got the Russian Chronicles of Narnia and will be starting any day. Just went through three Arabic books on learning how to write it. Figure after about ten more books, I might get it. Wow! Hebrew letters are so easy in comparison! Well, they're easy in any case. I just started the second Hunger games book in German and am reading a "Mrs. Pollifax" in English. Great fun. Let's see. I do German and Spanish best. Then French. Play with Polish, Turkish, Modern Greek, Italian, Latin, Chinese, Japanese. If there were about 100 hours in a day...! Great to meet a language lover! Hope you enjoy the primal journey tremendously. My problem is the meat!
  3. Oh, a language lover! :) I majored in French and German, and can speak a bit of Italian too. Took an Arabic class 30 years ago and have forgotten all of it. The classical Greek stuck a wee bit better, but not much. How far along are you with your Russian and Arabic?
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