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  1. Part 2
    I am planning to have a wine night probably the end of Feb, so I will send you an invite, I was planning one before Christmas, but it all got too busy! Hope you are well and I really enjoyed your company. Maybe we can meet for a walk along the Lungomare in Bagnoli when it gets a little warmer.

    Fell off the wagon a bit at christmas, but the main issue was my organisation!!!

    Hope to talk to you soon!

  2. Hi Katrina

    Australia was great, lots of fun, really odd as there is no mention of the World economy going down the toilet, so it felt like a parallel universe! Hope you had a good time with all your meat and bones. I have just bought Mel Joulwan's well fed on Amazon as I felt the cooking was getting out of control and I need to prep better and she writs about how to do this. So if you want to get a photocopy let me know and I will give it to mu local cartoleria (paper shop) who are happy to make any illegal copies I want!! I also got Mark's new book the Primal Blueprint revised version, so I can pop that through for you as well. I also got 2 bottles of coconut aminos, and I think if we are going to do this long term, maybe joining up and buying things together in bulk, if you want. Hope your boy is doing well, di dyou do the appointment with Chris Kresser, I would be interested to know how that went.

    Will send two messages to continue...
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