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  1. Hi, lazatiger
    I saw one of your posts and had to ask about being nauseated in the morning. Since i see that you you like coconut and berries, have you ever tried making a smoothie. I usually do that in the mornings (about 5 days a week) and then have eggs etc the other mornings. it gives an alternative and seems to sit a little lighter on the tummy and is faster :) To make mine i use 8oz unsweetened coconut milk, a few ice cubes(optional) 1/2 banana(if you eat them) i add whey protein and then berries. I vary on the berries to get a little variety but i love them. Just a thought i wanted to share. How are you doing so far?? Do you notice any change? A little about me, I am 27 (almost 28) and i have alot to lose, started primal late june early july and had a prety good run hardly any "cheats". I fell off around the holidays but suprisingly enough didn't gain any weight back and i weighed myself just a few weeks ago when i started back strict again. Because of the leptin reset.
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