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  1. Sounds like you have a sweet set up! We have to answer to so many people that it's massively confusing at times.

    Lifestyle wise, things have slowed down...been on a plateau for the last 2 weeks at around 230. Thinking of cutting out the dairy, at least when I'm having ANY sugar at the same time -- I think it's the combo that gets my system into storage mode.

    Our clinic just changed to a totally EMR system (10/3/11) and the last 3 wks have been hell. Along with that stressor, they exchanged one of the gals from the front desk with one of ours, so I've been training her along with the 'fun' of learning NextGen. There's 3.5 of us down here -- the Basement Babes -- and the .5 person used to be the one who filed all papers into the physical charts after regular clinic hours, so she's having to learn how to make herself useful in the new order, as well.
  2. Hi there - thanks for stopping by my profile! It is nice to see someone else out there in MDA world who understands what my normal day is like, LOL. I've been doing HIM officially for about 20 years. Kinda tired of the HIM world, but I work in a small hospital where I am the only one in the dept and I answer directly to the CEO. I am lucky enough in this setting to be involved with direct caregivers and I work very closely with our corporate coders and also with our case managers in the discharge process - so at least each day is different than the last!

    I really fell off the Primal wagon this weekend, but got right back on yesterday and am back on track.... How is your journey going?
  3. Just wanted to say a private 'hello'! I'm also a HIMS drudge and it's great to see so many of us that are in support positions for the medical field so well represented here on MDA. A year ago, I never imagined that my main enemy in the weight loss arena was modern grain...even with a BSN (looong story as to why I'm not using it) and years in and around medical types.

    Live and ~hopefully~ learn, right?

    -CattyB --- aka Cathy
    (big stretch there, huh?)
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