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  1. I'm sorry I didn't see your message until now. No, I didn't follow her diet. She started posting on the hcg forum where I'm a member, and caused a ruckus there. I was thinking about trying her diet, but then I found out about Dr. Kruse's plan, and that sounded better. I guess I'm not surprised you had a bad experience with her. She kept promising to tell everyone on the forum the info on her diet, but kept putting it off again and again. Everyone got tired of her.

    I hope you're trying the leptin reset. I've learned so much, and believe I'm really getting a handle on my health. Good luck with yours!
  2. Off the record because I don't care to start a big drama about Sugarfree here... haha!

    YES and no. After writing her for advice and feeling like her info made a lot of sense she asked me to pay for a consult. I did so, but was given little or no information during that first consult, she just talked mostly about all the stuff I'd already read on her blog and seemed very exasperated with how dumb I was. She's not the most pleasant to talk to. She wanted me to pay for another hour, and I couldn't afford it. I had hoped to come away with more diet information so I could follow it on my own but she wanted me to be part of her "experiment" tracking posting on her blog daily. I have absolutely no time in my life for that. The small info she did give me wasn't far off of what I'd been doing anyway, so I just felt like it was all a big waste of time and money. I do feel better with the supplements I'm taking, but I need to figure out what is really wrong with me! Did you follow her diet?
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