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  1. Vit D3 4000mg I think I'm defficient here too. Skin issues, burn easily, possibly IR.
    K2 1mg I think he recommended 15mg to someone on the blog but mine are only 500mcg so when I run out I will buy the higher dose to get up to 15mg.
    NOW Super Enzymes 1-2 tabs before each meal I felt like my food wasn't digesting quickly enough and didn't want to take straight HCl. Geo was taking these and I do like them so will continue when I run out.
    B-Complex Vitamin Threw in for good measure and to help with energy levels.
    7-Keto DHEA 50-100mg Dr. K said most could start with 50mg no issue but should get tested to see if a higher dosage is needed.
    Coconut Butter 1 Tbsp+ w/ BAB and Lunch I can do coconut butter more easily than CO.
    Cook with coconut oil/pastured butter I cook my meats in CO but use pstured butter for eggs and the like.
  2. OK, apparently 3 posts are needed!
    Resveratrol 500mg+ He suggested this to my specific question on MDA bc of skin issues/amount of weight to lose. Seems he told Geo to take as well?
    5HTP 200mg+ (before bed) Helps w/ carb cravings/helps sleep. I was having sleepless nights. Started w/ 100mg but it did nothing for me so bumped it up.
    Magnesium 500-600mg I think I'm defficient in this. I started low about 200mg but did nothing then went hight to about 800mg. It was too much so I backed it down.
  3. Hi Laura-

    This has been a process to come up with these supplements and amounts just based upon what I've read Dr. K say on his blog & @ MDA in addition to personal experimentation. The list has evolved over time and I'm sure will change in the future too as I learn more and my body chemistry starts to optimize. I tend to take notes as I go through the blog too so I doodle down ideas. I don't remember specifics on where he said these things but I can tell for most of them why I have chosen them. I have to split this reply into two as it is too long and wont let me post. Sheesh! :-)
  4. Hi,

    I'm following the reset as well. I saw your list of supplements. How did you come to those choices and those amounts? I really haven't been paying too much attention to the supplement discussion and now realizing, wow, there has been a lot of it and I'm a bit lost. Would you mind going thru your list to tell me why the supplement and why the amount? If that's too much work, no problems, I'll just figure it.

    Laura (Lsseeker)
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