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Conversation Between Chatpristi and French Margaret

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  1. Yay Margaret!
    So you're in the land of butter and apples ?
    Was it not too hard to forego porridge, scones, muffins, crumpets and all the teatime lore?
    I love English food, and I admit I do miss my melted cheddar feel-good porridge...
    I do keep my mincemeat for oven-roasted apples, after all, it is practically primal, with only beef fat and dried fruits ;o)
    You say you have your own eggs: do you have chickens? I wish I had a little pen in my garden, but my husbabd is not sold on it... yet ;o)
  2. Hi Chatpristi

    I'm about to join Primal Frenchies. I'm over the other side of France, in Normandy. I'm not French - I'm British, but I've lived here for about 8 years.
    We can get really good beef here. Lamb is usually rubbish, chicken is average. We get good pork from a friend, and we have our own eggs and veg.
    I'm not a brilliant example of the primal lifestyle - my 80/20 seems to be more often the other way round. But I'm slowly improving.

    See you over at Primal Frenchies!

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