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  1. It's funny you should mention the Guacamole Devils. I'm finding that I don't start getting hungry for breakfast until about 11AM, so I need a way to bring eggs (along with a chunk of meat) with me to work. That recipe seems like just the ticket. I'm eager to hear how your banana "pancakes" turned out.

    I haven't had any cravings yet, though I have "cheated" a few times: a glass of wine, a couple pieces of dark chocolate, a beer, and a hamburger bun. That's literally it, so nothing too damaging. Beer is probably the hardest to avoid. Must. Maintain. Willpower.

    My favorite recipe at the moment is the Primal BBQ Sauce. I'm using it on pulled pork. It's gone already, so now I get to whip it up again and play with the flavor. Ha, I'm starting to sound like a cook!

    Just saw on your profile that you ran the Warrior Dash. That's awesome! My brother, sister-in-law, and I are going to give it a try next year. What was the toughest part? Do you have a regular LHT/sprint/play routine?
  2. Nice! Good work! I really wish I would have started this ages ago but so far I love it! I made Fat Guacamole Devils last night, which are amazing if you like deviled eggs, and this morning I think I might try the banana "pancake" recipe. All the food is so yummy I have had no cravings as of yet, what about you? Have you tried any recipes that you thought were particularly scrumptious?
  3. I'm two days from finishing my first month, and loving every minute of it! How are you doing so far? Any temptations to stray from the path?
  4. Hey there, I saw your post on the Primal Singles Facebook page, are you new to Grokdom like me or just to this site? I just finished my first week!
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