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  1. Hi, the PM system is crazy here, I have no idea how to approve the message, lol. So, in case my reply didn't go through yesterday due to this... Otherwise, appologies for repeating myself! I started with regural fitness when I was building up, like bootcamps and bodyweight excersises. Then I did a couple of months of very simple lifting with dumbells (3 or 4 excersises) and that's when I started pull-ups/chin-ups. Then I went into StrongLifts 5x5 for about a year, and did MadCow afterwards. I would say the rule of thumb is to achieve 10 reps and then progress to the next level of the excersise. Right now I am doing a crazy Lyle McDonald's program, lol. Good luck with starting up. If you are consistent, eat well and train smart, you'd be amazed how quick the strength builds up.
  2. Hi Leida - I liked your post in the thread about pullups! I JUST started some primal workouts and I know I can't do a pullup... but don't have a bar... was gonna try the trees outside. grin. I'm pretty week... decided a year was probably when I could really count on being strong.

    Do you do the 2x a week essential movements or more?

    I've been doing the slow thing most every day and I do the sprint workouts once a week... new to the functional strength training with the essential movements.

    Thanks! Shannon
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