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    A much belated thanks for your help, abc123. I just lost track of stuff as I prepared for college.

    Again, thanks for helping me.
  2. Follow this guy too. one of my favorites, he lives down here in Florida, great guy & has been on the cover of mens fitness more than anyone.

    Also, read up on Gregg Plitt. He's a 1 meal a day guy (or has been). He'll eat a huge pizza & nothing else. Get his 4,000 calories, then move on with his day

    Lastly, Brad Pilon is a huge intermittent fasting advocate that you'd like. Eats 2 meals a day & looks great. Bulks quite a bit, still eating only 2 meals a day. He has a great blog to follow, & facebook posts.
  3. Anyway! I eat around 1-3 everyday. I don't like to eat late because I don't sleep well with digestion really actively going on (this is an age thing. while you're young you can pig out then go to bed. as you get older, you'll notice you can't sleep well with a full stomach. just how it goes w/ age lol)

    I like to workout on an empty stomach. I feel like I feel my muscle working better, I look lean in the gym, I just feel better & lighter on my feet. Some people feel dizzy or "empty" without food in their stomach, but I love the organic feeling of working on an empty stomach. Tearing my muscle down, THEN pigging out. The nutrients are better absorbed that way I think, & I don't burn the calories.
  4. no problem, I'm always here to help.

    Where do you go to school? I went to Florida State, I miss college :)

    I think some of the success I have now is from my days in college on putting on dense muscle. I was 180-185lb pretty much my last 3 years of school. Getting big & strong allowed me to put on that dense muscle. Once you build that density, you can't get rid of it. It literally changes your frame forever, a great thing. Arnold (Shwartzen.) was a powerlifter before bodybuilder. A lot of guys try to put together a beach body real quick, they fill up with glycogen & really do nothing appreciative for their muscle density. Focus on getting stronger now while you're young & you'll be able to stay big & lean all year, years down the road.
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    Thank you, ABC. I will attempt your methods. I am currently in college, so it will be very difficult to implement everything. I will have to do so after graduating.

    Anyway, three final, easy questions: What time do you usually eat? Do you eat before or after you workout? Regarding your workouts and eating--what is the difference in time? (i.e., do you usually eat 1 hour before/after workouts?).

    I appreciate your advice, ABC. You've been very helpful.

    I wanted to private message you, but it seems I don't have permission. That, or I can't find the option.
  6. Really interesting, but makes complete sense. If I need to gain weight, I now: eat more dairy, rest longer between sets, absolutely no cardio or anything that runs my heart rate up, lower my fluids & eat 1 GIANT meal a day full of good dense fat & high primal calorie, my body will gain weight. If it doesn't, its usually because I'm not sleeping well, or burning too many calories. Need to find ways to calm down.

    Hope this helps man!
  7. I don't have any particular articles to refer, but if you read all the articles on how people get fat because they slow down their metabolism, then do what they suggest but with healthy food, that's the recipe. Science says things like not eating breakfast, not drinking enough water, eating too high fat, not getting enough activity. they say it negatively but that's actually what we need to do. We are opposite of that crowd type thing. So if we eat clean, but keep our meats higher fat, scale back on all the fluids (they wash out your nutrients & irritate your gut) rest more in between sets in the gym & nap when you can (get a little lazy) & eat more less often, my body has responded with good, natural dense weight.
  8. Hi Gambrick! thanks for the message, just noticed it was here or I would've messaged you back earlier, sorry bout that! :)

    Yes, I eat only 1 meal a day & I am a hardgainer. But, I've noticed a few things have helped me slow down my metabolism. Something about fasting that allowed me to control my metabolism. As hardgainers our metabolisms burn hot & hard all the time. You gotta cool it down by not always throwing fuel in the fire. eating less often for me, but bigger meals allowed me to absorb more of what I was eating & digest it properly.
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    Hi, abc123. I have read some of you posts. You have described yourself as a hardgainer in a few posts and wrote of how you eat only 1 meal a day. I have a question, though.

    You state that you have only one or two big meals a day. Do you exercise before or after you eat? I only ask because I am considering changing up my plan. Currently, I exercise while fasted, and then consume my meal afterward. I wish to know how you go about this.

    As a hardgainer, my goal is to simply gain weight. Specifically, gain around 10-15 lbs of healthy weight while increasing my body fat percentage to about 10 percent. I also wish to slow my metabolism down, which you frequently wrote about.

    Do you have any articles in mind on slowing down one's metabolism?
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