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  1. Hi again! So, I wasn't sure how to answer yours. How are you doing? I've posted recently on the Gals 50+ that I am waking up feeling strong. It's been creeping up and today I was sure. Now I am excited about this way of eating and exercising... Exercise wise I try to do a couple of walks a day. Some days the treadmill and stationary bicycle... I do stretches every morning with green tea. This morning I could tell the body has improved.

    Wish I could see ur message here to respond to it. I probably will catch on eventually to all this. I'm not a computer newcomer. Have had email since 1994 since my DH is a computer geek....
  2. Hi Violette,

    I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner. I just saw the notification this morning. I agree that the 50+ thread should continue but people do seem to come and go. I know everyone's situation is different but when I read so many of the posts it makes me feel that everyone is around 28. Women do have unique concerns, not just medical. In my particular case I'm still trying to get out of a wheelchair after breaking my thigh. I'm the librarian at our church's Christian school and I tripped over a stack of books I put on the floor myself. The break has healed but I lost a lot of muscle strength during the time I couldn't walk and the excess weight I carry is adding to the problem. I do Primal to lose weight. I've lost about 34 lbs and recently started working out strenously in the pool for exercise. Its about the only weight bearing exercise I can do.

    Lets keep in touch. There's a lot of others I see often on that particular thread.

  3. hello. I saw your post on the 50s + thread for women. I'm glad you're still here. The others I've checked have left long ago! I am 66. Maybe we need a 60 + thread for women. Actually I like the mix on the 50+ just fine.
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