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  1. yeah it generally is always triggered by a health issue isnt it..kind of sad how we need to hit rock bottom before we start to open our eyes and ears eh:( loll hmm i would say ive been almost 80 percent primal for a month(im in the dominican right now on vacation so im finding it hard to get fat sources) id say i was like you though i was always a health nut but once my digestive issues came to light i started experimenting over the past 8 months or so...first looking at vegan stuff and researching the thrive diet then moving onto paleo and the metabolic is quite interesting but overall i find it extremely too complex for the average person..thats why PB kind of stuck on me...its just following basic logic and i love it! im still working on going full out tho im going to do a whole30 once i get back home just meat n fat then slowly add in certain veggies then fruit then maybe some carbs..what do you do for a living? in a health profession or something diff?
  2. Yeah it's hard not to get into it considering it's such a vital topic in life... I'm glad you found something that worked for you. :) I learned about metabolic typing before discovering PB. Metabolic typing explains a lot too, that not everyone can handle little carbs, but your metabolism changes so it's important to monitor any shifts. I started following PB in January, and you? I love reading people's experiences. It's always triggered by a health problem and then it becomes a lifestyle!
  3. yeah its not so pretty sure i can handle carbs very well i just kind of went overboard trying to gain weight and made my bodies insulin balance go caca:( so now i must make amends to my poor intestines haha yeah i have a bad habit of going into lecture mode and i have had to learn to shutup around people so i dont piss them off:P how long have you been following the PB for?
  4. Wow zero carbs? Good for you... :) I'm sure explaining that to vegetarians has its challenges lol as well as the average person. I try not to talk about it anymore because I feel arrogant when people don't (or refuse) to understand. Every health community, whether paleo or vegan, can be quite dogmatic in their lifestyle. I can't pretend that I know everything anymore because I don't.. Without access to the internet, I have experience to impact my trials and errors.
  5. hmm ive never been a restaurant person and when i do go i just pick whatever meal i can that is just meat and veggies and if i MUST have a carb itll be sweet potatoe haha granted my body has a severe issue with any kind of carb right now so im almost at zero carbs(scary considering im a really lean lol) i worked as a manager at GNC for 2 yrs i had to refrain from going off on temper tantrums almost everyday with the things people would say *sigh* vegeterains were the worse..i think if someone at a resto thought i was one id smack them! gently mind you but itd sting:)
  6. Bahahaha I know ! It's still kind of unnerving how new and unheard of primal is to people. They think it's too extreme or dramatic. And they associate gluten free the same as vegetarian... um can I get a gluten free dish WITH MEAT?! So many restaurants do think we all fall into the vegetarian category.
  7. i try to find humour in every situation:P granted not all of em made me laugh i think that would be kind of insulting towards you haha and i totally agree i dont know how it is in ON but over here carbs are the way to go im like the ugly duckling i think if i find one primal person here one day i may cry lol
  8. Thanks, I'm glad you find my endeavors comical :P there needs to be a bigger primal community yo!
  9. just thought id send an add your one of the first people i meet who lives near me and your posts just make me laugh haha hope everything works out for you maybe we can chat it up one day:)
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