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  1. That is way cool. I interned with a group of therapists who have taken the Michigan State MET classes. Definitely good stuff. You can give me her contact info if you wish. My company was just acquired by Physiotherapy Associates and I am unsure of her desires for working for a big company. Or I could give you some names of PT offices in the area that practice manual therapy. Though, I wouldn't be surprised if she did find a job already. There are a lot of offices looking for therapists in this area.
  2. I saw your post about PT with osteopathic manipulation and immediately checked your profile to see if it was my PT . She and I discussed PB a lot during my therapy this spring. When I saw you were from Baltimore I couldn't believe it. Polly moved to Baltimore this month as her husband is doing an internship at Hopkins. She has extensive training from Mich State DO on muscle energy techniques. I don't know if she has gotten a job yet but wondered if I could give her your contact info? She is a great physical therapist.
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