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  1. Breakfast...usually a couple turkey sausage links and at least 2 eggs. Usually over easy. Sometimes an omelette with veggies and turkey sausage. Not really a fan of pork sausage.. Dinner. Varies every night. Always some kind of meat and veggie. I'm trying to eat more veggies and a little more meat than I used too now that I've cut out my "carb-starch".

    You look amazing, by the way! What a transformation. I can't wait to be at my best again!
  2. Hi kmc. I read a post somewhere on here and saw that you said to ask anything. So...I feel like starvin marvin around 11ish in the afternoon and just before I fall asleep around 9ish. I thought I was eating enough for breakfast...I'm always really full by the time I walk out the door to go to work. But still that hunger grumble in my stomach hits me around the same time everyday...and every night. What can I do to keep it from hitting me? Any suggestions?
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