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  1. Well you might have felt creepy posting that message to me, but I feel like a complete DOOFUS because I didn't even
    know it existed until RIGHT THIS VERY INSTANT! DERRRRRRR!

    Anyway, ahem........ almost 5 months later... I'm still counting calories, but not for calorie sake, but to see how many
    nooooootrients I'm getting, and to see what my balpark average is with regards to calories before I start packing on
    the fat.

    Sorry for the delay.... cripes almighty... 5 months..... LOOSAH.

  2. I feel a little creepy just asking to add you as a friend....especially because I don't have any yet (I just joined this forum as well). Buuutt...I figured we both seem to have a goal to free ourselves from the calorie counting demon, and I'd love to have someone to talk to about it with.

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