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  1. Hey Goldsmith --

    I saw your "Before & After" post from a while back. Congratulations man! I like to look at the posts in that thread for inspiration. Keeps me motivated. I think I'm almost where you were in your CW fitness chronic-cardio days. I was wondering how much you think your off-Primal-Fitness plan workouts (HIT/Cross-Fit, Muay Thai) factor into your current physique. I'm eating strictly primal and sticking to the Primal Fitness regimen at the moment but wondering if I need to add some "real" workout stuff to the mix to cross that final mile before the finish line. I'm kind of impatient to see real abdominal strength and definition in my core. Plus my girlfriend pat my belly a couple of days ago and said, and I quote, "I kind of like your little pot belly tummy roll". Endquote. Kill me.

    tl;dr - what do you think of Mark's Primal Fitness plan? Think you could be where you are now with it?
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