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  1. I see you also have high RT3/low Cortisol. How are you addressing it? I tried hydrocortisone for about 6 weeks and ended up with severe headaches, so stopped the HC. Also taking a few adaptogens and selenium. Last lab, RT3 had dropped a little, but ratio was still way too high.

    When I lose weight, I get to a point (usually around 15% body weight) where brain fog, cravings, fatigue, etc are overwhelming. The only thing that helps is eating sugar and starches for several days. Doc thought it might be from toxins, so I been taking detox supplements but no change.

    I am trying Dr. K's Leptin Resistance plan, but he says RT3 and cortisol should be addressed 1st. I've been working with a good doc for 3 years, but have actually gotten worse instead of better over those 3 years. Also low T and DHEA, but I believe if I can get the cortisol problem resolved, the high RT3 should normalize and my other hormones should also normalize.

    Any ideas?

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