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  1. Hi Heather We go to Costco [ back of Metrocentre] to get meat and fish and go to the Farm Shop just up from Morrisons on the road down to the A19 to get fruit veg and eggs we got duck eggs from there which taste the same but are more substantial than hens eggs!
    We have sent for a trial veg box from to see what they are like as our daughter Clare has tried some veg from her Sis in laws box which she said was fab! it is delivered with the soil and earth still on so needs washing but are worth it They suggest a pick up point near you then you collect then if you like it you can tweak your order to suit.. Clare has ordered the new cookbook The Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy meals it is 3 for 2 so if you would like the extra one we will have let me know via here or my e mail and I will get it to you

    Love Denise xx
  2. Hi Dee! Sorry it's taken me so long to respond! I didn't even realize I'd had a message (and don't have a computer at home so this gets checked intermittently at work!). So you're in Killingworth? I'm just down the road in Longbenton!! We've probably shopped at Morrison's together unknowingly :P
    I've been semi-primal for a few years, it's been hard for me to totally commit to being 100% for various reasons even though I'd desperately like to! Where do you typically get your primal goodies from? I've toyed with veg boxes from River Swale, stuff from grainger market and the farmer's market at Monument, some health food shops around (the Honey Tree in Heaton is good).
  3. Hi Heather just seen your post to Marielle and noticed you were in Newcastle..wherabouts?? Im Dee and live in Killingworth its nice to see people closer to home on here! even though you are an adopted geordie! Been primal since beg January as well as my hubby caught on to it through our daughter and her BIL and we love it jut giving it time to re-educate then will tweak for weight loss!

    Love Dee [ Denise but another prominent member called Denise so call myself Dee! xx
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