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  1. Heather,

    ohhh, youll get your head marked for saying that heh

    As with you, interested in nutrition for the past few years, learnt a heck of a lot though, especially how my body reacts to foods. I got into primal essentially through Randy couture, he mentioned the alkaline diet and thats it, one thing led to another. Im in London, ohhhh, its grim up north :P

    Are you enjoying UK? Not very sport orientated like the US, very 1 :S:S, or in your case, soccer.

    Email me.
  2. Hi Jai! Nice to meet you, too. Yes, unfortunately not too many people on the UK on MDA, but qhats that they say about quality over quantity? Hehe.

    I've been reading MDA for years, always been interested in nutrition, and then finally late last year went Primal. What got you into it? Where in the UK do you live? Out of the UK Groks, I think I am one of a few that live in the North!
  3. Hey Heather, how are you?

    Not that many UK folks here from what Ive seen. What got you into primal?

    Im Jai. Nice to meet you.
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