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  1. Haha, ramen is disgusting. I've had it once (ironically not at college lol) and thought it was awful. How do people live off that stuff? In terms of campus involvement, I do a lot with the meteorology department (meteorology club treasurer and director of the program that produces the weather forecasts for the Rutgers TV network) - most of my other involvement is in regards to climbing and the outdoors programs. I'm actually submitting an application to be a guide for the outdoors trips that the recreation dept does, which is exciting.
  2. Exactly, I've got to start thinking that way about new things..
    Ahh, lucky, definitely! I'm still wondering how my cooking will go over in the dorm kitchens.. next to a pot of ramen or something!
    And yes: [url][/url], feel free to add me.
    I forgot to ask - are you involved in anything on campus?
  3. Oh nice! And don't worry about being good at it - the important thing is to have fun! :D
    And definitely stay in touch. I'm getting an apartment off-campus next semester (right across from Cook tho) and will have a kitchen (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so excited!!!!!!!!!!) so i'll be able to cook all sorts of Primal yumminess. Do you have a facebook or something?
  4. Very coool, I'm actually going rock-climbing this Friday.. but I am sure I won't be all that good ;). Well we'll have to stay in touch, and eat some primal food at Rutgers together!
  5. I got into rock climbing my second semester here and am now addicted to it, so that's my "play" - other than that I do some basic simple weights and the primal movements. oh, and LOTS of walking lol. i'm also planning on getting my bike here as the weather improves so i can ride to class (it's much faster than trekking across the entire campus lol)
  6. Oh - well that's good.. even though technically you're not supposed to cook oil, but still much better! And woww, did you go through that already? How did it work out? I think it's a little ridiculous because they accommodate vegetarians/vegans - and ours is just as personal a belief. I think my intolerances might show up with a naturopath, and since I won't see real doctors.. maybe that will help. Ugh - at least I found out early!
    Oh no! I guess I had never thought that all dorms don't have kitchens on each floor - I guess I'll have to try for the ones that do.. Ahaha, thanks for the heads up!

    Not quite into sports - and have never been very strong, but I am starting to do the 4 basic primal movements (from Mark's e-book) and my current job requires me to move around alot/I don't have a car so I walk - ALOT! I'm sure I'll have to do a bit more when I get to Rutgers, and I'll probably have improved strength and what-not. What kind of exercises do you do?
  7. Yea, I'm Jersey born and raised lol. You can get the stuff in the dining hall done in olive oil, the only pain is that you have to have like two doctors (yours and one here) to give a medical reason for you having special needs... which sucks. Well at least that's what I have to go through. Since you're a transfer you might have it easier. How are you planning on getting food then without the dining hall? Unless you happen to get placed in housing with a kitchen (which would be awesome!!!)
    What kind of sports/exercise are you doing with primal (if you are)
  8. Thanks for the advice, I might just choose Cook as my second choice - I definitely don't want to be on Livingston. Definitely not a partier, but I've missed out on the college experience being in community college so I want to be as immersed as possible!
    Yay on the local markets - I knew about TJ's and Whole Foods - but I wont' have a car...
    As for the dining halls, I can't tolerate canola/soybean oil - so that eliminates everything, I'm hoping on getting my meal plan waived for severe allergies (ehemmm, intolerances/personal choice ;). But I figure I'll sometimes go.. good to know it's not a big deal to ask!
    I'm going to be a sophomore next year, and will be transferring from SAS to Business school later on!
    Are you originally from Jersey?
  9. I live on Cook (the dining here is so much better) but it depends if you're more of a party vs nature person. Cook is very rural, which I love because I can come back from wherever and actually hear myself think. Busch and Livingston are eh, though Livingston is getting a new dining hall. I'm a sophomore majoring in meteorology (that's also part of the reason i'm on Cook, my major is here). In terms of food shopping, there's a bunch of cool little co-op and local markets around NB, and if you go about 20 minutes down the highway there's a Trader Joes, Wegman's, and Whole Foods (they tend to have more organic/primal-friendly food). Tip if you plan on eating in the dining halls - don't be afraid to question the food and ask what's used in it, etc. You're definitely not going to find anything close to grass-fed or organic when it comes to meat, poultry and fish so it's mostly picking between the lesser evils (though they do have canned tuna which is pretty safe). What year/major are you?
  10. Definitely!
    I definitely want to live on campus, I'm thinking College Ave.. but I know it's pretty hard to get, what do you think about the campuses/dorms?? Also, I'm transferring from a community college wayyy out from Portland, Oregon.
    What year are you? Any tips for Rutgers/insider view?
    Oh - and big question, where do I shop for primal foods in NJ, NB specifically? I've never been more east than Idaho :P and I know chains are different over there...
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