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    I know, I'm sick of the gym! I hope I"m able to go outside pretty soon, should be.....

    Went to the Black Keys concert last night bro, it was AMAZING. They're incredible live.

    Let me know when you make Facebook lol
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    I'm glad you can finally go boulder again! I still haven't gotten to go outside...lots of gym climbing though!

    You make a Facebook yet bro?

    I'm totally jealous of your bouldering...glad you're having fun though!
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    Wow, you kick ass at bouldering, bro! Lol. I love how it's so simple, not really any gear, that's kind of why I wouldn't ice climb as well. Pretty sick to be climbing frozen waterfalls and shit though, very aesthetic.

    Yeah I think it's been...10 months? Maybe 10. Not that long, but it's become my obsession/addiction, lol. As much as I love yoga and am going to teach it and everything, I would give it up before I'd give up climbing. In fact, I think I'd give up EVERYTHING before I'd give up climbing! And thanks, I know the grades aren't the main thing either, but it's nice to see how you've progressed. That's part of what's great about climbing, there's always something harder to do and work towards. Didn't you say you'd been climbing for 5 years or something?

    Bro, you have to join the cool kids and make a Facebook. I didn't want to either and then I finally gave in. Really helps for organizing climbing and things with lots of people!
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    That's really lame about your long winters...ever try any ice climbing??

    Do you have Facebook? You can friend me on there if you want, I'm friends with Rivvin from here lol.!/cosima913

    So I totally had the best gym sesh ever the other day...I've been climbing for about 9 or 10 months and have finally made it to climbing happy! Lol. Bouldering good too. Super excited brosef!

    It is so hot here all of a sudden--around 90! Can't wait to go climb outside. I've got the spring climbing fever. How long 'til you're able to go outside?

    Have a good night :)
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    Yeah that pic is actually from a couple weeks ago, lol. It's like 80 degrees today.

    I'm glad you like the book! GCBC is better but much more intense. I'd like to read it again actually. I finally got Mark's book and am reading it--have you seen his wife??? Daaaaaammmmmmmnn

    So have you gone climbing lately then? Or is that pic just old since it's so cold where you are?
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    Nice new pic bro!
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    Why We Get Fat is reallllly good--love it. Makes you think, for sure. And that's really saying something since I'm already a believer in this way of eating/life.

    Lol kan-jam sounds funny.

    Yeah I bet Shiva would be a good climber! But then again Chris Sharma is awful at yoga, so maybe it doesn't work vice-versa:


    Same here about fiending for the boulders, man. I'm much better at climbing sport but either way is cool with me...I really wanna go out to Priest Draw or something. I haven't even been able to hit the gym in a week. Fuckin' lame.

    Have a good day bro :)
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    I love Good Calories Bad Calories! Gary Taubes is my hero. I'm reading his new one, Why We Get Fat, right now. And Mark's book just came in the mail, I'm excited. I've read Robb Wolf's book as well, and I agree, it's great.

    I like whiskey and tequila :)
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    That meal sounds delicious! I want to make my own versions of stuff like that some day.

    Yoga is amazing--very complementary to climbing. Iyengar is the style I study at school for my cert, and I think it's really good for learning the technical aspects of yoga but I would never do it for fun and that's not the style I'm teaching, I'm going to teach vinyasa flow. For recommendations, I don't have much in the way of books besides what I have to read for class which is mostly Iyengar. For DVDs, P90X yoga is pretty good, but I really like Shiva Rea. She's an amazing yogi and her DVD has a bunch of different practices that you can combine in any order. Here's the link:

    Anyways, I'm just at work and bored out of my mind, that's why I'm on here so much. I want to find a new job--I've only worked here for about a month but it's not what I expected. Where do you work?
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    I'm doing physical therapy too! How cool. I'm also getting my yoga teacher certification.

    Sedona and Flagstaff are beautiful. Bouldering up in Flagstaff is great, especially at Priest Draw.

    Seriously bro, you need to move out West. I could never live on the east coast, I'm way too much of a hippie. That's how everyone is in Oregon, btw. Lol. And people there fish and hunt so they'll give you fresh-caught salmon and elk jerky...mmmm...I'm so hungry lately. I went to Outback Steakhouse with my boyfriend today and we ate steak, shrimp, ahi tuna, and this tilapia filet stuffed with crab meat and mushrooms and a butter sauce.......foodgasm, bro.
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